What to Note When Locked Out of Your Bank Account While on a Trip

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What are you going to do if your bank transactions get declined while you are vacationing in a foreign country? Indeed, it’s easy to break down, considering that you are in a place where everyone’s a stranger to you. It’s not like help will come immediately. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation while traveling, here are some things you can do:

Don’t panic

It’s normal to panic when your bank transactions get rejected after several attempts. You might say, “what will happen now?” While desperately trying to make your brain cells work together like a merger integration consulting service, thinking about how you will make it with that little money left in your wallet. It’s okay to get anxious, but don’t let that impair your logical thinking. Sure, you can get mad and blame your bank as much as you want, but that won’t be of any help. Try to stay as calm as possible so that you can develop the right strategy. Just consider it an obstacle during your adventure, and when you get back on your feet, start thinking of a way to get out of the situation.

Call your bank

This wouldn’t have happened if you informed your bank ahead of time in the first place. As we all know, fraudulent transactions are prominent nowadays. And many banks put credit cards on hold when they determine that the payments happen overseas. Call them immediately and tell them that you are currently on a trip. They should lift the hold on your bank account, but it may take a few days to reflect.

Call your family

Your family is the first to know about the mishaps that have happened to you. Let them know your situation. They might worry and even reprimand you at first, but a family will always try their best to send you some help. They can even negotiate with your bank on your behalf.

Ask assistance from friends

As they say, friends are the ones you can lean on when you are in trouble. Tell them exactly the situation you are in and don’t hesitate to say that you require money. Friends are like a family who won’t think twice to lend you some cash. They can send the remittance through international financial services such as Western Union.

Learn your lesson

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The next time you go on a trip, don’t forget to have contingency cash. You cannot always tell the challenges that you will encounter. It’s best to be prepared to ensure smooth travel. Your emergency cash can get you through a financial crisis in case circumstances like this occurs or if your credit card gets lost or stolen.

Tips for Your Next Trip

Inform your bank. It’s always a good idea to let your bank know that you are going on a trip ahead of time. This allows them to anticipate your possible transactions, preventing them from freezing your account.

Use a prepaid debit card. This card is loaded with money that you can use to pay for items or services at a hotel, gas station, supermarket, or convenience store. It’s widely accepted, so you don’t have to worry about it being declined.

Download your bank mobile app. According to experts, mobile apps help determine your location, verifying that you are the one who makes the transaction. This also prevents your account from getting locked out.

Do your research. To avoid any hassle, research how locals pay in the country you are going to visit. You know, some places don’t accept cards. Bringing extra cash is recommended.

Ask about regional differences. You cannot always expect ATM to accept your card due to restrictions. Better ask your bank about regional differences to avoid hopping from one ATM to another. Consider a pre-trip money conversion. This allows you to pre-load different currencies on your card, so you don’t have to worry about making a purchase later. Visit your bank two weeks before your travel and make an exchange.

Use digital credit cards. This is known as a virtual credit card that you can easily add to your existing account. It contains a miniature computer that generates a one-time use credit card number every time you make a transaction.

Going on vacation allows you to take a break and forget about the hassle of life. It’s supposed to be stress-free and easy to handle. By organizing and planning everything before your getaway, you sure can enjoy a smooth and peaceful trip. So make sure to cover every essential factor.

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