What You Should Know Before Getting Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

With technology getting a lot more advanced, it is now possible to wake up with a full face of makeup. No, it’s not because you forgot to wash your face after a night out, but you’ve actually had permanent makeup done on your face for that fresh “I woke up like this” look. Below, we will give you a few things that you should be aware of before getting Boise microblading services or any other type of permanent makeup.

Is it Actually Painful?

A lot of people are scared of pain and thus, they often wonder if microblading or permanent makeup will hurt. The truth is that it most probably will since you will have a few needles poking your face. The immediate eye area is sensitive, and getting permanent makeup is similar to getting a body tattoo. However, every person reacts to pain differently, and what might be painful for one person might not be painful for another. If you can usually tolerate pain well, then getting permanent makeup wouldn’t be too bad of an experience for you.

Do Your Makeup Beforehand

If you want to give the technician an idea of what you might want the outcome to look like, then it would be best if you can come to the clinic with your face actually made up. This will give them an outline and a sense of what style you want, making it easier for both you and the technician. This applies to lips, brows, and eye makeup, so make sure to do your full face of makeup before heading out the door.

Permanent Makeup

It Will Look Intense at First

The tattoo will definitely look intense during the first few days, as the pigment is still concentrated. You do not have to worry, as the pigment will eventually fade, giving you a much more natural look. You will also notice a little bit of swelling at first, especially right after the procedure. This is normal, as your skin is just reacting to being poked by a needle. However, if the swelling persists for a couple of days, then you might want to see a doctor just to make sure that you are not having an allergic reaction.

Be Prepared for Touchups

The ink used with permanent makeup is not the same as the one that is used with body tattoos. The technician uses a thicker ink, which means that it will fade faster than a regular tattoo. Your technician will most likely ask you to come back every 12 to 18 months to get touchups, and you definitely have to get one if you want your permanent makeup to look as amazing as it was the first time you got it. This is especially important if you got your lips tattooed, as lip tattoos tend to fade faster compared to microblading and eyeliner tattoos.

If you are 100% sure that you are ready to commit, then go ahead and visit your preferred clinic. Be prepared for the costs and the aftercare items that you have to buy so you can make sure that your permanent makeup will last.

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