Why Louvered Roofs and Windows are Best for Outdoor Living Areas


Custom-made louvred roofs for the patio may seem expensive, but this kind of structure is guaranteed to make your outdoor living spaces attractive and liveable. For many people, the visually compelling arrangement of horizontal slats of metal, glass that has adorned patios, gazebos, courtyards, entryways, and various outdoor areas make them the number one choice for many people in the United Kingdom.

Anywhere Under the Sun

For many people in the UK, an outdoor area is an essential part of a liveable environment. A house with louvered roofs or windows are ideal for areas that require ventilation and light control. If you want to bask in the warmth of the sun, you only need to move the laths. If it rains and you wish to keep cosy and warm, the slats will cover the area completely. Where you want to relax or entertain, there surely is a place for louvers that are both stylish and functional. Your guests will not have to worry about inclement weather, and you can focus on keeping them entertained.

What are Louvers?

Typically, louvers are placed on a wooden frame similar to the basic structure of a Venetian shade. The difference lies in the orientation since louvered roof awnings are arranged horizontally. Some louvered roofing systems are fixed while others are moveable.

The main function of such a system is to allow air or light when desired. When the apertures are closed the occupants of the space are safe from harsh weather. When the gaps are open, everyone can still enjoy the beauty of their natural surroundings. These days, louvers are still a popular stylish addition, and in some instances are sometimes placed on a pergola. You can find a contractor that will install individual flaps to accommodate the existing structure.

The most popular materials for a louver system are wood and metal. Some manufacturers offer materials such as heavy-duty plastic composite and fibreglass.

Louvers made of wood often use treated lumber. The material is preferred for customised windows. Metal louvers use galvanised steel and aluminium. Especially fabricated louvers use many types of metals.

Installation Requirements

Contractor installing roof
When you want to install louvers in your outdoor living area, you need to consider building permits and licenses. If the climate is especially challenging in your area, you may have to fulfil specific requirements first. The wind speed and the amount of snowfall are important considerations for the local authorities. Expect variations in the regulations of each locale. Since the installation is a major investment do not take another step until you have secured a permit and have received relevant instruction.

Installing fixed or adjustable louvers will transform your outdoor living space for sure. They are an excellent addition to your home. You should consider investing in an installation that is customised to the needs of the household. Choose the most appropriate material and design to make windows that are durable and safe to use. After all, you’d be spending many wonderful hours with friends and family members under its protective shade.

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