Why Not Go for Earth-Friendly Dates This 2021?

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Of all global celebrations, Valentine’s Day has got to be top of the list as the most heartfelt. Everyone on the planet knows why: It’s the day you give time to your special someone, the one that keeps your heart racing. Well, as a man, that can certainly put a lot of weight on your shoulders, right? Stats show Valentine’s is the day men pull all the stops just to please the one they love.

And yet, think twice before you leap. You may have to do a little soul-searching before you send those red roses and chocolates. Isn’t it true that this is the time we think of those we love? Well, of all recipients of love, Mother Earth can be categorized as the most forgotten and neglected. Scientific proof detail we are destroying our planet, endangering our very own existence.

So instead of spending so much on pleasing your special someone, why not please Mother Earth at the same time too. That way you hit two birds in one stone. In the process, you show what genuine love truly is.

Start with a Locavore Dinner

Surprised? Well, since dinner is the centerpiece of a romantic date, it’s important that you start from there.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in people becoming locavores. Locavores are people that eat food grown and produced from their very own locality or region. Started by three American women in 2005, locavore eating prioritize fresh foods taken from local sources as opposed to food traveling hundreds of miles from the other side of the world. In short, locavores help Mother Earth by avoiding high-processed foods.

What’s more, locavores help reduce earth pollution. An increase in consumption of locally produced foods means reduced fossil fuels from distribution and transport.

Best of all, you can easily plan a locavore dinner with your loved one. There are a few locavore restaurants in the United States. States like Wisconsin, Vermont, Oregon, New Hampshire have such restaurants. Get Google going.

Just in case you don’t find a restaurant, do the planning yourself. Simply get local goods from a nearby store or market. Then come up with a really lovely menu for dinner that night.

Gift a Plant

Instead of getting roses for Valentine’s, you can get a small potted plant. Think about it. The roses would end up rotten after days. But with the potted plant, your partner gets to keep it for a long time. Even more astounding, potted plants are earth-friendly.

Well, if you don’t know what kind of plant to give, fret not. There are just so many kinds of plants you can opt for. The workaround is simple. Think of your special someone. If your lover doesn’t really have a green thumb, get plants that wouldn’t need so much attention (e.g., snake plant, spider plant, aloe, and lucky bamboo plant). Problem solved.

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Top It with an Eco-friendly Gift

We all know that gifts are highly appreciated during Valentine’s day. So to make it all happen, opt for eco-friendly gifts. You’d be surprised at how many options you have to gift her.

A good start is getting eco-friendly cosmetic products. Not only are these beauty regimen tools organic, but they also come at affordable prices. In the process, you end up with a win-win solution as planned. You make your better half smile from ear to ear while making the planet happy at the same time.

Buy Fair-trade Chocolate

Now time to make the mouth water in excitement. Stay true to your cause. True, who are we to argue about the merits of getting chocolates? It’s an age-old tradition. But instead of just buying run-of-the-mill chocolate, opt for fair-trade chocolates.

Right from the onset, know these chocolates are as Earth-friendly as you want them. Chocolate that is fair-trade certified is cultivated by farmers who get their fair share of the plants. Plus, you have an eco-friendly process here. Cocoas are planted using practices that produce the utmost minimum damage to the environment.

Make a Hand-made Gift

This is one of the sweetest and unique things you can do this Valentine. For starters, you can use cloth scraps to make something nice. All you need are sewing materials. Make the heart-shaped designs using cloth scraps.

You can go all out for this. Do whatever comes to mind when making the hand-made gift. You can as well try writing your lover’s name using cloth scraps on card stock. Just make it unique and filled with love.

When you have the best interests of your special someone in mind, you can be sure that your significant other would love every bit of it, especially Mother Earth.

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