Why You Should Add Melbourne to Your Itinerary

A view of Melbourne at night, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne is an eclectic metropolis that combines culture, history and delicious food. The city has a vibe that will make you stay a bit longer after your first few days. Outside its confines are beautiful mountains, landscapes and parks for a brief or long rendezvous with nature.

If you are looking for what to do here in Melbourne, here are some suggestions.

Drop by Federation Square and Flinders Street Station

The city has plenty of beautiful buildings that remind one of Melbourne’s past. Once you walk towards Flinders Street Station, you will see the cultural symbol of this bustling metropolis. Opened in 1910, the building in front is part of the Victorian heritage register. When you explore the station, go shopping or try some of the food sold.

Once you reach Federation Square, another Melbourne icon will greet you with its beautiful aesthetic. At the square, drop by the Australian Centre of the Moving Image to see some exhibits.

See the Beautiful Street Art

Melbourne is a culture-rich city with a vibrant art scene. In its streets, you will see designs made by artists that will make you stop, stare and admire. The graffiti is top quality and many change it frequently, meaning you may not see the same thing on your next visit.

Some artists hold an art tour for those who want to learn more about the artworks.

Chill at the Botanic Gardens

national park

Melbourne is a busy city that has a frenetic pace, take a break from this by strolling around the Botanic Gardens. This serene and green space is a welcome respite from the concrete jungle. Joggers enjoy doing laps here to break a sweat or just to clear their mind. The garden has more than 8000 species of plants which make it vibrant and stress-relieving. Sit down and read a book, write in your journal, make a couple of sketches or just simply rest and relax.

Visit the Victoria Market

This open-air marketplace has a local vibe that is what some tourists look for. Locals visit this bustling market to buy fresh produce, dairy, smallgoods and meat, to name a few things. Visitors can experience the same things and learn about the city. Other than the food, you can shop for clothes, souvenirs and other similar items. The hot jam doughnuts are a must try, so do not leave without trying them.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Opened in 1842 until 1929, this prison turned into a museum is a must-visit for history buffs. This site used to hold some of the most infamous criminals of the country, one of which was Ned Kelly. The state executed 133 people during the prison’s operation. There have been homeless and mentally ill persons interred in the site as well. Some tour operators provide ghost excursions for interested travellers.

National Gallery of Victoria

Art buffs will love Melbourne, and they should include the National Gallery of Victoria during their visit. The gallery is home to more than 70,000 artworks from various artists. Its Great Hall has the largest stained-glass ceiling in the world.

Melbourne is a vibrant metropolis, and the places on this list do not do it justice. There are more attractions and things to do; visit the city to discover them.

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