Window Materials with Superior Durability

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Apart from providing ventilation, lighting, and aesthetic appeal, windows protect homes against outdoor elements that may damage the interior. Considering that, it is important to have windows that are durable and long-lasting. It should withstand the harshest weather conditions without threatening to break.

If your windows have been showing problems that may put the safety of your household at risk, then it’s time to have them replaced. In San Diego and other areas, reliable window installation services care available, so you may be assisted properly when replacing your windows.

That said, here are the best options for window materials:


Aluminum is known for its longevity. It’s typically suited for modern homes because of its sleek appearance. Aluminum windows allow natural light in your home without wearing out from the sunlight. It’s also low-maintenance, even more so when they’re unpainted. Aluminum windows also won’t rot. They’re pricier than fiberglass and vinyl, but the latter falls short on durability. On the bright side, aluminum is cheaper than wood, which requires higher maintenance.


Fiberglass windows are extremely tough; their strength is comparable to that of aluminum. This window is also used in commercial areas; hence, its reliability and durability are tried and tested. Fiberglass isn’t susceptible to contracting and expanding, unlike PVC. Contraction and expansion can stress out the joints, seals, and gaskets, making water penetrate and leak into your home.

When looking for new windows, it’s important to consider this factor. Fiberglass also has an impressive thermal performance because it doesn’t degrade from UV rays. Furthermore, it isn’t prone to decaying, is resistant to mildew, and won’t corrode, making it suitable for all climates. Its longevity makes it worth the cost, lasting 50 years and more.


Although high-maintenance, wooden windows are just as durable and long-lasting as other types of the same characteristics. They’re a classic choice, being used on homes since centuries ago. Wooden windows have adapted to current modern standards without compromising the strength and aesthetic appeal. To properly maintain wooden windows, painting is crucial. The coating should be able to protect the wood against moisture, which makes it expand or contract. Painting the wood right would also prevent rotting and other types of damage.

Storm Window

If your windows need additional protection, installing storm windows will do the job. An advantage of having storm windows is energy efficiency. This window can act as a protective barrier against moisture and excessive heat and cold. Moreover, it can minimize the sound impact. Existing window seals, millwork, and glazing would also be given protection by storm windows.

Storm windows have several varieties and are mostly affordable. They can be installed via DIY, too. There are interior and exterior storm windows, as well as disposable and aluminum types. Framing can be wood clad with vinyl or aluminum to prevent expansion, contraction, and warping.

Glazed Panes

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Single-glazed windows are affordable but aren’t energy-efficient. Double-glazed and triple-glazed are better options. Double-glazed panes offer better thermal protection; therefore, they are more energy-efficient. Triple-glazed panes, on the other hand, aren’t a very popular choice because the additional heat insulation they offer isn’t commonly seen as a necessity. Double-glazed panes are seen to pretty much offer similar benefits.

With this range of options, you can now have a better clue on what type of window meets your standards and best suits your home.

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