Activities That You Can Still Start Doing When You Reach 40

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People thought that their happiest times were when they were younger. Science may have to disagree with this notion. Findings in a study revealed that growing old is a happier experience for most. It’s from research conducted at Queen’s University, Belfast. Sadly, the social construct has clouded this idea.

People who grow happy seem to disprove these norms that don’t favor old age. A lot of people still have fun beyond their 30s and nothing can stop them. And there are certainly people in their 40s who are only starting to get their groove on. It’s true indeed that age doesn’t matter.

If you’re in your 40s or preparing for this stage in life, you may think about activities that may inspire you by that age. Here are some things you can try. Beat ageism and show people that you can still live or start living your life in your 40s.


Everyone can be imaginative even the older adults. Our experiences make us great storytellers. Why not share your piece with the world and start writing. Whether it’s a passion you stopped or you’re just beginning to take interest in, you can never be too old to write. If you’re looking for ideas and subjects to write about, you may want to start with your experiences. The things that you’ve gone through may be the easiest to write about. You don’t have to pull out ideas from someone or something.

Your memories will tell you the moments you have to translate into writing. You can write about your travels, your first heartbreak, the clubs you frequent, or anything under the sun. You don’t really have to publish them immediately. Start with blogs where you can write whatever and however you want. It’ll give you creative freedom.

Learning an instrument

While learning an instrument will feel like learning a new language in your 40s, it’s still possible. And that’s backed by Science. Some people will have more advantages in aiming this goal. They’re the ones who have had experiences playing instruments but stopped along the way. If you’re one of them, you can start working on your passion again. Bring out that old piano and start practicing anew. If you haven’t played any instrument in your life, it’ll be harder for you though. But if it’s something you’re passionate about, you can’t simply give up.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and you’re not exempted. How rewarding it would be if you’ve successfully learned to play a new instrument in your 40s? Imagine acquiring a new musical skill despite the physical challenges. It’s all going to be worth it when you finished your favorite song using the instrument.

Working out

People think that your body will restrict you from getting active once you’ve reached a certain age. While this one can be true, 40 is still a decent age for you to start getting fit. Nobody is too old to start living healthy. You can hit the gym and get an instructor. It’s important in case you have minimal knowledge about the routines you should be doing. If you’re a little shy to work out at a gym, you can buy your own fitness equipment.

Do your routines at home where no one is watching. Since working out in your 40s may be a bit physically limiting compared to when you were younger, you have to be careful. Buy protective gear like gloves or an elbow sleeve to prevent discomfort. Have someone to spot you too when you’re lifting heavy. You’ll eventually get stronger over time like lifters who are as twice as younger than you.


eating healthy

You won’t be able to get fit by working out alone. Developing a healthy diet is a must. Doing this in your 40s may be a little different from how younger people do it. Your lifestyle may be astronomically different from the younger generations. Consult a dietitian to know which diet options would best suit your lifestyle.

Having a healthy diet doesn’t only help you with your fitness goals. This can also help you promote healthy living since you’ll need to watch your health by the time you get older. Eating healthy will make you get used to taking care of your body in the long run.

Learning the computer

Most people in their 40s know how to use the computer. A lot of them were born in the 70s and 80s, so they’re no aliens with computers. But not everyone in this age group grew up with advanced technology. As the world moves forward, technology is becoming more and more advanced. Reaching 40 is just living half of your life expectancy.

You should be able to learn how to adapt to technological advancements. You’ve seen how fast modern technology develops every year. The decades to come are going to be more different from today. You have to be able to adjust for the future.

Life begins at 40. That’s what everybody says. It’s a stage in life where you may have accomplished things and stopped caring about what other people say. It’s a great age indeed, so you have to make the most of it.

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