Things Modern Kitchens Have in Common

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Most homeowners now vie for modern interior design, especially for their kitchen, given the contemporary’s inclination to clean, sleek aesthetics. There are so many ideas on the internet that it can be hard to choose which one. Just take note that you don’t have to follow merely one; you can combine the elements.

How do traditional and modern kitchens differ? Traditional kitchens give off a sense of classic with plenty of real wood and a wide range of colors. Usually, the stove will be in the kitchen’s center, while modern interiors are characterized by a tidy, minimal look where function always wins.

There are a few things common about modern kitchens, which you should know about if you aim to give off such a vibe:


Modern interiors will always prefer practicality and efficiency, which is why you wouldn’t find plenty of decorations in a modern kitchen. Everywhere you look, from kitchen cabinets to color choices, all the items are there for a purpose.

Contemporary designers gravitate to minimalism—the idea of avoiding what isn’t necessary as much as possible—that less is more. This means going for modern appliances with functions that fit your lifestyle.

The key is to only put appliances that can make the best use of the kitchen space. For instance, if you frequently bake, then you’ll want to have a double oven instead. Stainless less steel looks simpler, so it’s the top preference among modern homeowners.

The aesthetic lies in the beauty of the materials themselves. The backsplash can be anything but a single color, just simple bricks, or even just glass throughout. There’s no need for very vivid-colored designs. Even the countertops don’t have to be excessively patterned or veined.


Uncluttered doesn’t just mean keeping the kitchen clean but also opting out of accessories that might look cluttered and fussy. With this preference for an uncluttered appearance, storage is crucial.

But aiming for simplicity, the cabinetry should also look clean, without elaborate details. Both the doors and cabinets make up most of the kitchen, so how they’re set up will be how your entire kitchen will look like.

Modern cabinets scream sleek beauty, preferably with rigid corners, are frameless, and have not-so-visible face frames. Frameless cabinets with flat panels can easily scream modernity in your kitchen.

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Modern interior designs, not necessarily in the kitchen, aren’t afraid to combine natural and industrial elements. While the cabinets, flooring, and counters can be made of wood or granite, the hardware appliances give off that sci-fi clinical vibe.

Industrial is characterized by metal machinery or concrete, usually in gray, black, white, dark brown, or even red. It’s the easiest way to give a professional, clean look to the kitchen. Stainless steel is the top choice.

Blending the sharpness of industrial elements and the softness of modern makes the kitchen look more interesting. To not go overboard, a modern kitchen should look easy on the eye, not necessarily a match and match—but more about mix and match. Your kitchen gets more personality and statement with the right mismatch.


If you look at most modern kitchens, one thing common about them is their openness. They invite more natural light to the space through the walls and doors. Windows are usually made large to create a more spacious, expansive look.

Many designers strive to open up the interior to invite more natural light instead of larger and wider windows. With the right budget, homeowners can opt for skylights and even glass sliding doors.


Contemporary kitchens gravitate to horizontal lines because of their cleaner look. Linear congruence is applied in the flooring, cabinets, counters, tile accents, and backsplash. With this preference for congruence, modern kitchens can’t help but display mostly geometric forms.

These geometric shapes include diamonds, squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, globes, and more applied in the furnishings, counters, windows, lighting fixtures, and wall decor.


In the modern world, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency are mainstream. After all, the world needs saving, and it starts at home. You can transform your kitchen into these by showing some wood in the kitchen and opting for electronic appliances that are energy-efficient. The most preferred appliances, aside from looking futuristic, are the ones that have an Energy Star label.

Mix the Old and New

Some can’t resist the pull of classics, while others aim for everything contemporary—non-dramatic and futuristic. Remember that you don’t have to go all-out for either of two. Mix them the simple way, and they’ll match.

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