Appearances Matter: Understanding Image-Building

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As much as we are against it, we have to admit that we live in a world that puts too much value on appearances. Unless you’re a popular celebrity or your business could speak for you, it’s difficult to live low-key and not feel society’s pressures. You always have to exert some effort to show that you live well, if not successful, enough to warrant respect from your peers and family.

But maybe instead of being too rebellious against working for a good image, you can accept it. There’s no harm in making people admire you. It’s not so difficult if you rationalize how success would look like. Here are some tips to give you that vibe of a person who has made it in life.

Choose your car well.

Flashy cars are marketed to be the status symbol of success. But they could also be perceived as gaudy. You wouldn’t need a fast sports car when the daily route you’d take is often congested. You won’t want a large vehicle if some roads you have to go through are narrow.

What you need is a car known for its performance and keep it in good shape. Take it to the cleaners regularly. Constantly have damages by things like hail repaired.

Order some tailor-fitted clothes.

Two or three would be enough to alternate, but it depends on your social activities and how many of these you bother to attend. You need them on special occasions when you have to dress to impress. These are when you need to attend reunions, family gatherings, weddings, and company ceremonies.

It’s unnecessary to accept all invitations you receive, but attending two or three socialization events a year would help you build your self-esteem and confidence.

For daily wear, you need to look well-groomed. Make sure your hair is at a comfortable length. This could vary for different people. You can wear it long, but you have to know how to care for it. As a person’s hair is prominent, ensure that it’s not unruly or greasy. Clip your nails, and wash your face. These things are very basic. Don’t wear rumpled clothes when you go out of the house. Immediately wash off stains.

well dressed man

Have a clean and organized home.

One of the observed characteristics of the homes of moneyed families is that they don’t have cluttered spaces. After all, they have a dozen people working for them, cleaning after them. Psychology experts also say that a clean home often has healthier people. If you’re healthy, then you could do more to achieve your goals.

If you couldn’t afford to hire regular cleaners, clean after yourself. It becomes easy once you’ve developed the habit of immediately wiping spilled soup, washing the dishes, throwing garbage regularly, and putting your stuff away once you’re done using them. To make it more convenient, have storage spaces built-in around your home, so it’s easy to tuck in your gadgets or the toys of your children.

Immerse in cultures when you travel.

The jet-setting life is another indicator of success. Although there are now so many ways to travel cheaply, it still requires time and resources. Socialites display their luxury accommodations, shopping sprees, and lavish dinners. But if it’s for appearances alone, this kind of traveling is not viable. Flexing your days by the pool when you went all the way across the Pacific is simply impractical.

The difference between that luxury hotel in your state and the luxury hotel you spent nine to eleven hours on a plane to get to is their cultural setting. So flex your pecs immersed in that country you’re visiting. Try their food, visit places with stories, and check out their local drinks or cigars.

Be passionate about something other than your career.

A successful person is no longer obsessed with climbing the career ladder. So he will naturally have time to be interested in other preoccupations. Of course, some people find interest in other wealth-generating activities. But notice that many rich individuals turn to philanthropy once they’ve reached a comfortable level in society.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to engage in philanthropy or have altruistic goals. It’s not only money that you have. There’s also time and physical strength. Maybe you’d like to volunteer to build shelters for the homeless, teach English to migrant children, or help out in the community vegetable gardens. Successful people have enough for themselves and would have plenty to share with others.

Building a good image of yourself doesn’t require a lot of effort. You need to balance out practicality with good quality. We can’t deny that society is still very judgmental. Even if we isolate ourselves in our homes, there’s no avoiding the rest of the world. Rather than continue to live with anxieties about how people perceive you, build your image with these simple initiatives.

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