How to Start Enabling Your Active Outdoor Lifestyle

reconnecting with nature

We’ve all been affected differently by the pandemic, but you probably won’t find anyone who has actually enjoyed its effects. We’re all struggling to find a silver lining amid this era of tragedy and uncertainty.

There are a few common individual takeaways from this experience. Everyone has been reminded of the value of health. And having to spend more time at home has challenged us to find ways to enjoy nature and remain physically active.

Even when we eventually emerge from the shadow of Covid-19, we all need to remember these things. It might not have been a pleasant experience, but it can positively impact your lifestyle. How can you embrace a more healthy and active lifestyle incorporating the great outdoors?

Finding time

The widespread adoption of remote working arrangements has the potential to transform the future of work. Many organizations have come to see that remote work is here to stay.

However, if you’ve been working from home for any amount of time, you’ll have realized that it places greater emphasis on your ability to manage time. Without direct supervision or the office environment’s structure, the burden of ensuring productivity falls on your shoulders.

Leading a healthy lifestyle requires time. You can’t be perpetually rushed and stressing over deadlines.

Working remotely gives you more control over that aspect. Do better at balancing work and life, and you can find time to prepare home-cooked meals, work out, and travel.

Earn passive income

In many countries, economic recessions ensued in the wake of the pandemic and related measures to contain its spread. Jobs were lost, businesses closed. A lot of us have had to learn to live with greater austerity.

Not everyone has the luxury of living 15 minutes away from the outdoors. If you live in the urban jungle, traveling a greater distance will take time and money.

Take the lessons of the pandemic to heart, and not only live frugally, but find ways to earn passive income. Loft conversions can turn unused space into a room for rent. Selling a digital product, such as an online course or affiliate marketing on your website, will bring in revenue even when you’re out of town.

Increasing appreciation for nature


The benefits of nature for our well-being are manifold. Spending time outdoors helps us to destress. Exposure to sunlight and breathing fresh air have the most immediate impact on health, a factor that has frequently been emphasized during the pandemic.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You can further enhance its effects on your health by picking up a few practices to increase your appreciation.

Mindfulness and meditation help you to stay in the moment. A hobby like bird-watching keeps your senses on the alert. Activities such as painting or photography also increase your presence and let you notice details that you’d otherwise miss.

Manage the transition

Not everyone may be able to change their lives right away, even when the cloud of the pandemic has lifted. Some companies may require employees to go back to the office, and many of us will need to hustle and earn extra to offset losses incurred during this difficult period.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of a new lifestyle. You can find half-measures and slowly transition to the living you want.

Start walking or biking over short distances, and detox from your devices when you’re at home. Take on a side hustle while you try to earn more income and become financially independent. These small steps will improve your well-being until the time when you can enjoy a more ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle.

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