Are You the Uncle Who Always Bears Gifts?

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Your friends have started having children. Your siblings’ kids are growing up. Here you are, scrolling through your newsfeed without love in sight. What else is there to do? Well, here’s good news for you. You can choose to be the cool uncle with gifts they can’t refuse. So how do you acquire this so-called coolness?

Being an uncle (or a godfather if you are lucky) has its benefits. Contrary to what others might think, the role of an uncle is a fun role to play. Here are ways to be the coolest uncle that your niece and nephew could ever ask for.

Being an Uncle

As an uncle, you are allowed to be the goofy family member and have good playtime with the kids without the responsibility of raising them yourself. Yes, we said it. Being an uncle takes the difficult part of parenthood and retains the fun part of young children.

Although the fun and play are there, being an uncle still entails few responsibilities. The role of the uncle or the godparent includes guiding the kids when parents are absent. This can be emotional guidance or values that the kids can carry on throughout their growing up years.

After all is said and done, the question is: how else can you become a cool uncle?

The Cool Factor

There are various ways to acquire the cool factor as an uncle.

To be a cool uncle, of course, you have to make yourself visible. Interact with your nieces and nephews often so that you can get to know each other’s quirks and personalities. Bond with them whenever you have get-togethers and dinners. Ask them how they have been. Make it known that you care about what they think and how they feel. This will build rapport between you and your niece or nephew.

If you want to increase bonding time with them, you can offer to babysit them once in a while whenever you are free. This tip is handy if you live nearby. You can teach them new skills while keeping the vibe fun and playful. Their parents will thank you for keeping their kids happy (and for draining their energy enough for bedtime.)

Keep an inventory of child-friendly jokes handy. Kids love an uncle who has a sense of humor and who is not serious all the time. This will allow them to loosen up with you when you are around. Doing so can strengthen your relationship, which can be helpful as they grow older. They may confide with you secrets that they otherwise are not comfortable telling their parents. This way, they can still get enough guidance from you as their favorite uncle.

Remember their birthday. This is important especially for young kids. Young children appreciate it when people remember their birthday. Send a little extra something with that greeting card to let them know how much they mean to you.

Along with the birthday, also remember important events in the child’s life. Baptism? Graduation? Ensure you are present in every important milestone if you want the child to remember you as the cool uncle. Let them know how much you appreciate them by being present.

Aside from being present at important events, giving presents is also a good idea. What gifts can you give to your niece or nephew according to their age group?

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Giving gifts may sometimes be a hassle. You have to consider what the kid needs and what the kid wants according to what age group they belong in. No worries! Here is a kid gift guide according to the child’s age group.

For babies who have yet to know your name, it might be best to focus on what items the parents need to take care of the child every day. This can be an organic baby bowl that is safe for kids if they choose to chew on it after dinner.

When they grow a year or two, these kids may prefer experiences to toys. This is when they may find the gift box to be more interesting than the gift itself. At this age, you don’t have to stress over giving the best gift. Just think about what you wanted as a child. Maybe a simple toy clay set will suffice. This can stimulate different senses and help them develop motor skills.

Toys can be for those who are 3 years old and above. Learn about their preferences and their learning development from their parents so that you can configure your gift according to what they currently need. Toys that can stimulate their imagination will always be a good idea for young kids. Imagination is the perfect way to retain kids’ attention and to keep them entertained and eager to learn through play.

Kids will always be kids. To be a good uncle, you need to act natural with them. Children will sense if an adult is uneasy or not confident with himself. Be yourself, and the rest will follow. The gifts are simply icing on the cake.

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