Bachelor Pad Ideas for a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

bachelor pad

When you think of a bachelor pad, don’t you often imagine a bar, a projector screen for movie marathons and video gaming, and a lounge that’s perfect for lazing around, absolutely doing nothing? While those indeed sound like paradise, there’s one more feature missing, and every man needs it in their home: A facility for wellness.

Gone are the days when wellness was solely associated with women. Men are now encouraged to take care of themselves more, so if you’ve been keeping your self-care routines a secret, it’s time to show them off. There’s no shame in admitting that you’d rather hit the gym than the bar. They can call a fit body overrated and everything, but if it makes you feel good and confident, then keep lifting.

Besides, the pandemic has taught us that we should value our health more, not take it for granted like what we’ve been doing all along. So if you’re now committed to living a healthier lifestyle in 2021, let this article guide you in transforming your bachelor pad into a manly wellness haven:

1. Choose a Home That’s Close to Nature

If you’re just about to buy a new home, choose a beautiful waterfront property or any residence that’s close to nature. Living near nature is more relaxing because you’ll be exposed to fresher air and scenic sights that can instantly reduce your stress. You’ll barely find such things in the city because it’s usually bombarded by street noises, industrial activity, polluted air, and buildings that block a nice view.

Living with nature also expands your knowledge about different plants and animals. It’ll make you more sensitive to your surroundings because you’d always be aware that you’re sharing a habitat with other living beings. Such behavior may improve your mental health, prolong your life, and make you appreciate the smaller things in life more.

2. Decorate With Houseplants

Can’t move to a new house that’s close to nature yet? Just take the outdoors indoors for now. Use houseplants to bring nature in, and to make your space livelier and healthier for your lungs. Houseplants may also boost your mental health, with their mood-lifting properties. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose hard-to-kill and low-maintenance succulents. Be warned, though, because you can get addicted to collecting them!

3. Booze Out, Health Food In

healthy food

The ideal bachelor pad may have a bar perfect for entertaining, but keeping booze in sight will only tempt you to go back to your binge-drinking. Have a wine fridge instead so that you’d always keep your alcohol purchases small. It’ll allow you to drink within the safe limits — which is no more than 14 units a week — without struggling.

If you already have a bar, consider converting it into a breakfast nook, which can motivate you to have breakfast, especially if you habitually skip it. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthful food including avocado, tomatoes, smoked salmon, oats, kale, and nut butter.

4. Stock Up on White Sheets

White sheets will motivate you to change and wash them more often. As a result, your sleep quality will improve, and your bedroom will look more appealing. So stock up on high-quality white sheets, preferably those made with the softest fabrics such as cotton, and with a thread count of 200 – 800.

5. Consider Building a Home Gym

Having a home gym is the simplest way to stay committed to your workouts without paying expensive memberships. However, your investment in it can take a while to become worth it, so make sure that you’ll use the gym often, and that you’d maintain your healthy diet.

Start small with inexpensive equipment, such as dumbbells, and an exercise ball. Splurge for new and bigger equipment little by little, so that in every purchase, you’d also feel your progress.

By following these pieces of advice, your transition to a healthier lifestyle will be smoother and more enjoyable. Show off your new life goals, and make living a healthy lifestyle a new norm for men in 2021.

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