Beef Up Your Home Security in These Troubling Times

CCTV in home

With riots in the streets, violent crimes on the rise, and the possibility of the police getting defunded, it’s up to you to keep your home safe. Get ready to fortify your castle and stand your ground because the dire situation will only escalate in the coming months.

Keep Unwanted People Out

Nothing can be done to your home or the people inside it if unruly elements can’t even get close. Proper fencing and a sturdy gate should do the job. Even celebrities and the rich know the value of high walls and secure estate gates, so upgrade your house’s security as much as you can. You can have contractors build fencing and gates or build it yourself if you have the know-how. You won’t find top-grade fencing and gates for sale on your local hardware; you’ll need to do a bit of digging to find the right security measures.

“Always” Be at Home

Ne’er-do-wells target homes they perceive to be empty. Keeping someone at home or merely the illusion of having someone at home will deter most potential criminals. Motion-activated spotlights are useful at night. However, most burglaries occur in the morning when you’re off to work. Most smart homeowners program their television to turn on and off at odd times of the day as a deterrent, and you can do the same with a smart TV and an app. Doorbells that link to your phone and allow you to answer are also effective measures.

Make Your Surveillance Visible

Petty criminals can be dissuaded if they see Big Brother is watching. A few surveillance cameras in strategic places around the house should prevent all but the most determined of thieves. Don’t bother with fake signs and prop cameras, a teenager can tell the difference with a bit of knowledge — what more determined criminals.

Get a Little Help from Your Neighbors

Sometimes, going at it alone won’t do the job. In certain areas, even relying on the police didn’t prove to be any help. Even if you can rely on the police, they might take five to 15 minutes to get there, which would be too late if you have intruders right at your door. The people next door can help if you have a system. Raising awareness in your community shouldn’t be a problem, especially with today’s rising tensions. Join a neighborhood watch or set up one yourself. Looking after each other will increase your camaraderie with your neighbors and make your neighborhood much safer.

Alarms, Alarms, Alarms!

installing an alarm

Loud noises and flashing lights work. It sends thieves into a panic and alerts your neighbors that your house has unwanted guests. Most residential security alarms are linked to local law enforcement, and thieves won’t relish the thought of cops knocking at your door in just a few minutes. Keep your codes private and avoid giving it to just anyone, including your kids! Your children, as cute as they may be, tend to talk and may let your codes slip out.

Home security is nothing to scoff at. It involves the safety of your family, the sanctity of your home, and the protection of your possessions. Take substantial measures to keep your home safe.

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