Clothing in Hibernation: Proper Storage of Your Winter Outfits

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When you have no reason to keep your winter clothing in your closet, it’s time to put them away in favor of lighter pieces. But how do you make sure that they will be ready for the next time you use them? Here are some guidelines that can help prolong the life of your winter wear.

Wash and Repair Before Storing

It’s often a good idea to wash and dry all your winter clothes, including your Arcteryx vest, before you pack them away. That gets rid of any smells and stains that will likely set in and become permanent if you leave them behind. Just make sure that you don’t use any additional substances such as fabric softener, as these will attract pests. For articles that are made of natural materials, however, you may want to dry clean them instead. Also, if anything is damaged, now is the time to have them repaired. There are laundry services that also offer this service, or you can do it yourself.

Create an Ideal Environment

Now is not the time to be lazy when it comes to storing your winter clothes. Resist the urge to simply put them in plastic bags and chuck them into the basement or attic. You need to put them in ideal containers. Plastic or cotton bins are perfect for items that you need to fold, such as sweaters and coats. Wooden hangers and cotton garment bags are best for anything made of fur. If you need to, you can also put in some desiccant such as silica gel to remove moisture.

Keep Bugs Away

Another problem that people commonly encounter when storing winter clothes (and clothing in general) is the presence of pests. Moths, silverfish, and the like tend to crawl in and destroy them while they’re in storage. Washing articles of clothing with plain laundry detergent gets rid of food residue and prevents them from getting attracted. Using mothballs may also seem like an easy solution, but it’s better to use cedar balls and lavender packets instead. They do the same job while leaving your clothes smelling great.

Get Rid of Unused Pieces

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If you have any clothes that you didn’t feel like wearing at all in the past winter season, then you might want to give them away or sell them. Think about it: if you had no reason to wear it now, you’re not likely to use it the next time the season rolls around. That is especially true when your body’s weight and shape tend to be in flux. Doing this lets other people get winter clothing that they need for less, and it frees up your storage too.

Depending on where you live, you may encounter some days when it’s unusually chilly. In this case, you would want to leave some winter pieces ready in your closet. As for the rest, however, it’s best to say goodbye to them until the next time you and your family members need them. Storing them in the best condition makes sure that that goodbye won’t be the last. It will also make the most out of the money you’ve spent on them as well.

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