Building Your Muscles Faster When You’re Busy with Work

exercising with weigths

You don’t have to tell us that you do not have time to build your muscles when you’re in the middle of a big career shift or trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Everyone understands that careers and well-being don’t blend well. But in recent years, people have been successful in juggling everything—personal relationships, work, and well-being. It is not, in fact, impossible to find a young CEO with the build of an athlete.

The younger ones seem to have more of a handle on how they can improve their lives. They don’t kill themselves at work anymore, unlike their parents and grandparents. And after everything that happened in the past 18 months, you shouldn’t either. Your well-being should be at the front and center of your goals.

That being said, it is understandable that some haven’t gotten around to managing their schedules to have time to work out and build their muscles. Unfortunately, building muscles take a lot of time. It’s not something you can do overnight or even in a year. Firming up your muscles and building hard-rock abs will take a lot of discipline and listening.

Diet Plan

If you are not eating the right diet, then there’s no way you will build muscles. Diet and exercise are inextricably linked to each other when it comes to muscle building. There are no muscles without the proper diet. That’s something everyone should understand. Diet is integral to building muscles. If you aren’t eating enough protein in a day, where will your muscles get their form? However, most people do not have the time to prepare healthy meals. That’s why you have to check out meal plan subscriptions that aim to help you build muscles.

The best diet plan is one that is focused on consuming healthy fats and carbs, liquids, and healthy proteins. Before working out, make sure to consume a protein-rich meal. After working out, a protein shake, for example, will be a good recovery food.

Heavier weight lifting

weight lifting

As soon as you feel good and confident about your form, add pounds to what you are lifting. This is the quickest way to build your muscles. It’s a surefire way to get there. The more you challenge your muscles, the more they are toned and primed for takeoff, so to speak. But of course, don’t just go to the gym and suddenly try to lift 400 pounds. It takes time before you can get to the point that you’re lifting more than your body’s weight.

It’s critical to have the proper form when lifting. The wrong form can send you to the emergency room. So, challenge yourself regularly but also watch out for your own strength. Only increase the challenge up to the point where you are still able to maintain the proper form.

Compound Exercises

Instead of working out each section of the muscle and taking a long time in the gym when you are busy also with work, start doing compound exercises. These exercises are designed to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time. Some examples of compound exercises are deadlifts, presses, squats, rows, and pulls. The squat will work out your calves, quadriceps, and glutes.

You’re hitting more birds by doing compound exercises. Since you do not have time to spend on each section of your muscle, this exercise is the best way for you to build strength. Although it might take a longer time for you to see the results, you’re assured that you’ll end up with a more balanced overall gain.


Why would you rest if you’re trying to build your muscles, right? You are going to rest because your muscles develop not when you are challenging them but when they are repairing while at rest. If you are busy with work, this is great news because you can focus on your deadlines on some days of the week while you can go hard during your training sessions. Incorporating rest into your week will be an important component of strengthening your core and building those muscles, so don’t neglect giving yourself time to just be.

While all of these are important, they wouldn’t mean a thing if you don’t track your progress. Write down your progress each week, and make sure that you adjust whenever you see fit. Continue challenging yourself while taking care not to be the cause of your stress. While a healthy lifestyle and building muscles are essential health goals, they should not cause emotional distress for anyone.

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