Things Women Find Extremely Attractive in Men

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It’s normal for people to like visuals, and women are not exempt. In this article, we will tackle the most attractive things in men according to women. If you’re finding it hard to attract a lovely date, maybe it’s time to make several changes about how you present yourself.

There’s nothing with being who you are. You’re probably comfortable with your style, and nobody’s here to judge. However, styles and fashion are constantly evolving. You don’t need to change your overall look. Sometimes, knowing the proper haircut is just what it takes to freshen up and look fantastic.

Do you want to attract more women? Here’s what they like the most about men.


Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. But it seems like it’s the same case for men too. When a woman stares at you, the first thing she’ll notice is your hair, and if it passes her preferences, then your hair might be the key to getting a date.

But keep in mind that women have different tastes when it comes to hairstyles. Some women like messy hair. Others are into curly or long hair.

The best thing you can do is take care of your hair. Use the right hair products, avoid harsh chemicals, and go to a hairstylist at least once a while. It’s all about finding the perfect hairstyle that suits your style and face.

Sense of Humor

A good laugh is what attracts women. Some might think that adding “sense of humor” to this list is cliche, but it does work. If you want to impress a woman, make her laugh. Many women find that sense of humor attractive because not all men possess a fun personality.

You can ask any woman if she likes a guy with a sense of humor, and she will give you a nod. In general, women want a happy and fun life, and they know that it’s only possible if they spend the rest of their lives with someone who can make them laugh.

You can smell like pickling paste, but if you can make a woman laugh, that is already an advantage for you.


Let’s get one thing straight, confidence is different from arrogance, and women don’t like arrogant men. However, they find confidence extremely attractive. A confident man gives a woman the impression that he can take care of himself and his lady. Besides, nobody likes a fickle person. Improve your self-esteem and talk confidently so women will be more drawn to you.


Another thing that attracts most women is something that they can smell. A man that smells good is often a weakness for the ladies. Most men wear deodorant to avoid smelling sweaty, but only a few wear good perfume, which can be an advantage for you.

Have a signature scent. Stick to a smell you prefer so that women will remember you for the specific fragrance you wear. Like hairstyles, some fragrances will not suit your personality, so be wise in choosing.

Dressing Sense

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Women like men who can dress well. How you dress will leave a lasting first impression, so be sure to dress nicely as often as possible. You’ll never know when you’ll meet an interesting woman in the streets, so dressing well is a must. Often women find these things attractive:

  • Stylish coat
  • Dark wash jeans
  • Well fitted suit
  • Sweater
  • Lace shoes
  • Appealing pair of formal wear


Your posture will also say a lot about you. In most cases, it shows how confident and how physically strong you are. Women notice everything, and that includes how you walk, sit, and stand. You can stand nice and tall with good posture, but you will look sloppy and unhealthy without it.

How you walk is also a factor to remember. So the next time you want to impress a woman, walk with confidence, walk like a badass, and walk with purpose. Remember that your posture is leaving an impression, so make sure to look fantastic.


We have reached an era where men and women get equal opportunities in life. But that doesn’t mean that chivalry must die. One of the most common mistakes of men is not practicing being a gentleman. They think that to look cool, they need to be careless and thoughtless about their actions.

Women like respectful men. Impressing a woman is easy as long as you know how to treat her with honor, dignity, and respect.

Take note of these tips to make yourself incredibly appealing to women. Don’t forget that it’s not just about dressing well or looking good. It’s about being true to yourself and treating every woman you meet with honor.

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