Buying Window Blinds: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sunlight coming through venetian blinds by the window

One of the best things that make your home truly beautiful and look spacious is by having large windows. These make the room much brighter, rendering it ethereal and easy on the eyes. The amount of light coming in gives onlookers an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is.

But large windows have some drawbacks, too. The amount of light can cause glare, especially if your windows are not designed with some solar protection component. Add to that the fact that you are making your home exposed to heat. In this regard, you will need window blinds.

These window treatments can also heighten your home’s privacy. But sometimes, buying blinds is often overlooked. Many people think that all blinds are almost the same. However, that is not the case.

If you continue to subscribe to this kind of mindset, you will always end up with the wrong kind of blinds. Here are some of the mistakes you need to avoid when buying blinds.

Mistake #1: Not Taking Measurements

You would be surprised by how many people actually buy blinds by just picturing their windows in their minds. Getting blinds with a size estimate is a risky game, as you may end up getting blinds that are too big or too small for your windows.

Eventually, you will have to return the blinds or resell them; resizing them is not always possible. So before you go to the shop, you should first take measurements of the dimensions of your window. Consider also the valances and the rods. Taking a picture of the windows will also help you when picking blinds.

Mistake #2: Overlooking the Theme of Your Home

Sometimes, you get too excited about a design piece that you buy it only to find out that it does not match the current aesthetics of your home. The same thing sometimes happens when people buy blinds.

They think that blinds are plain and blank that they can be flexible, but that is not always true. Blinds come in different designs, and you should pick items that will suit the beauty of your space. You will not want to put up Japanese blinds if you have Spanish interiors.

Mistake #3: Not Considering Your Lifestyle

Other than matching the design, the blinds you will buy should match your current lifestyle. Some blinds have heavy components that may harm your kids or pets.

Some blinds are too light that they can be easily blown away by the winds if you are living in a condo. Choose blinds that actually blend well with a lifestyle that you are leading.

Mistake #4: Going for the First Supplier

white window blinds

You do not want to deal with hassles and delays, which is why you will just go for the first seller of blinds that comes your way. However, you should check out other suppliers, such as Hunter Douglas dealers in NJ, as they may have something better to offer.

Buying window blinds can be thought of like a no-brainer activity. But if you are very lax about this, you will likely end up getting the wrong kind of blinds — the type that will not suit your lifestyle.

In the end, the blinds will just become a waste of money and space. Be a wise buyer, and take your time when buying blinds.

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