How to Use and Make the Most of Your Garden Room

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A garden room is a rather expensive investment. Now that you have one, how will you decorate and make the most out of this extra space? Here are some garden room ideas that hopefully will inspire you.

Mini Spa in Your Own Backyard

Do you love pampering yourself? Then why not transform your garden room into your own spa?

At the end of a long and busy day, would it not be a dream come true to come back to a place where you can relax and unwind? Your garden room can be your own personal spa which you can personalize depending on what you need and use whenever you want to.

It would be easy to transform. Buy a couple of scented candles to fill the entire space with pleasant odors. Lavender is a nice relaxing scent — perfect for de-stressing. Candles will also provide you with soft lighting to help you forget all your worries.

You also should equip your garden room with speakers so you can play soothing music.

As for furniture, you do not need much. A simple bed would be a good addition to your garden room/home spa. Although not required, having a hot tub right beside your garden room will make your home spa feel more legitimate.

Your Own Private Office

Working at home can be an advantage. Many people report that a more flexible arrangement has increased their productivity and improved their overall quality of life.

However, the benefits are only applicable to those who are not easily distracted or have zero distractions at home. If you are planning to work from home for good, use your garden room as your own office where no one is allowed to disturb you.

Aside from peace, you will have space for a real desk and computer chair in your garden room. Ask an electrician to add an electric outlet for structures that are not connected to the main house so you can charge your laptop or your smartphone any time of the day.

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A Room for Your Hobbies

Your garden room can also be a space for what you are passionate about. If you are creative, a garden room is great because you have a view of your surroundings and you will get a lot of natural light. It is also perfect for those who need space for their ventures, like those who restore furniture for fun or do pottery.

If you like to read, the garden room can serve as your own personal library. Line the walls with books that you have read and are planning to read and place some cozy chairs around the area for you to lounge while reading.

If your passion is video games, you can bring all your video game console and set up video game arcade machines.

Your Solo Gym

if you like to exercise but do not want to go to the gym, create your own gym. Invest in gym machinery like an exercise bike, treadmill, and free weights. Do not forget to install a full-length mirror on the wall so you can see your progress every day.

Your garden room can be whatever you want it to be. Do not be afraid of decorating it and turning into the space that you have dreamt it to be.

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