Easy Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Self-confidence

confident woman

Back in the day, social media just used to be a tool for easier communication and sharing of experiences. But as it gained more users and features, it started being toxic, especially for people with low self-confidence. It became a detrimental place on the web, as it tends to glorify perfect skins and bodies, pushing ordinary people to feel unattractive and unworthy.

Thankfully, though, the media’s high regard for perfection is now being criticized. As a result, makeup brands are now coming up with wider foundation shade ranges, while skincare brands are now promoting beauty in all shapes, sizes, and colors. TV shows, movies, and books, have also been popularizing a diverse set of characters.

But still, the hype over skinny and perfect-skinned celebrities is still there. And if you’re someone who’s struggling to feel beautiful and confident, you can be vulnerable to mental health issues if you’re constantly exposed to that side of social media.

That said, here are ways to uplift yourself and overcome your insecurities:

Have a Makeover

Having a makeover doesn’t mean that you wish to change yourself. It’s simply a way to enhance what you already have, so you can feel more refreshed and “new.”

Start with your skin. But instead of caking it up with foundation and contouring products, go for skincare products that clarify and brighten your skin. If you wish to make your skin tone more even, try a good moisturizing whitening soap. You don’t have to aim for paler skin, though, but such products contain anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties, which are definitely good for your skin.

If you haven’t done your brows in a while, get back those alluring arches by visiting a salon or doing it yourself. And if you’re dyeing your hair, don’t forget to include your brows, too.

Apply light makeup each time you going out. Use an eyelash curler, and put on a mascara to make your eyes pop. Choose eyeshadows that contrast your iris color to make them stand out even more.

To plump up your lips, injections aren’t needed. Just use lip creams that deliver the same, luscious effect. That way, your natural features stay.

And for your hair, go for a haircut or trim, and color it with highlights or permanent dye if you wish to. Highlighted streaks will look edgy, and it’s easy to do at home.

Love Your Body

woman drinking water during exercise break

Exercise, but don’t see it as a punishment. Instead, regard it as a natural happiness boost, which it truly is. A good workout session releases happy hormones, instantly making us feel more confident.

Engage in positive self-talk as well. Find something to admire in yourself — you certainly have lots! Focus on praising this good feature, and do the same for your peers. Compliment them and make them also feel beautiful.

Practice smiling a lot. It may be hard to beam when you’re down or exhausted, but this simple gesture makes a significant difference. It makes you appear more approachable, and of course, attractive.

Be a Positive Presence to Others

Having a sense of humor is also seen a highly attractive trait. Thus, don’t be afraid to let loose and go crazy. Remember that cackling doesn’t make you less womanly, and for men, showing your emotions doesn’t hurt your masculinity.

And if you feel like doing something bold, like skydiving, bungee jumping, or anything you never thought you’d do, go for it. It will make you realize that there’s more to life than passing beauty standards. Plus, the accomplishment you’d gain from the crazy experience will be a fun story to share and laugh about with your friends. And when you radiate happiness, you become the embodiment of beauty and self-confidence.

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