Living a Private Life: How Can You Increase Your Physical and Digital Privacy

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Privacy is a serious concern among many Americans nowadays. It seems that no matter what we do, both in the physical and digital world, other people find a way to get into our lives. Some of these people can be unhealthy such as trolls and haters who seem to feed into the world’s negativity. Sometimes the best thing we can do is create a wall between them and us.

Thankfully, there are now many ways we can obtain the privacy we need without resorting to drastic measures. Here are some simple ways you can increase the privacy of your life both in the physical and digital world:

Check your Privacy Settings in Social Media Sites

Have you been getting comments from people you don’t know or don’t like? Have you been getting feeds from random people who you don’t care about? Have you been messaged or annoyed by some random stalker on the internet? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, there is a big chance that your privacy settings in your social media accounts are too open to strangers.

Every social media site has its own privacy setting, and most of them are robust. Social media sites such as Facebook have even customizable privacy settings which can manage who can see your posts and whose post you can see in your feed. Don’t like some guy’s post? Then tell Facebook that you don’t want to see their post ever again. This is important for us not to get the fumes of toxicity found in most social media sites in our system. The best part of it all is that they never have to know.


Some people might become toxic to you to the highest degree. These people might dedicate their lives to make your life miserable. These are known to be trolls and cyber-bullies, and they won’t stop until you cut them off from your virtual life. This means blocking them entirely. Feel free to do this if certain messages have gotten out of hand or if they cross a line and you don’t feel safe anymore. You can even take extra precautions and report their posts or messages to the authorities if you find them dangerous.

Social Media Detox

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If you feel that your privacy is becoming more and more leaked into the virtual world, and despite everything you’ve done, people unknown to you seem to bother you? Then it’s time to quit the internet. For a while, at least.

Social media detox has been known to have some positive effects on the mind. So many of us seem to be so glued to our social media screens that we tend to forget that there is a real world out there for us to live. It’s also a great way to push a reset button on your privacy. Going invisible from these stalkers, bullies, and trolls for a couple of months or perhaps years can truly get rid of them in your life.

Feel free to do a social media detox whenever you can. You can do it as often you want, given that you are comfortable doing it.

Our privacy is not only related to our virtual lives but also our physical lives as well. Here are a few ways you can keep your life private from other people in the neighborhood.

Privacy Through Your Windows

Many people nowadays love to take a peek into our homes and offices. Although most of these people might mean no harm, some might do it simply because they are curious. Stopping them from doing so can give you peace of mind. Tinting your windows can help you increase the privacy of your home. This also goes the same for your office and vehicles.

Tinting your windows to a darker shade can ensure that no peeping Tom can see through your windows. Another desired effect of these tinted windows is to protect yourself from the harsh ray of the sun. So not only do you increase your privacy but also protect your skin from the sun. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Another good way is to put screens behind your windows. Screens can cover up anyone trying to get a good look into your home while also covering the rays of the early morning sun. It’s great if you want to get some serious shut-eye during the weekend. It’s also good if you have neighbors who like to get into your personal life.

Be Careful in Filling Out Forms

Be careful with the forms you fill up when you’re out shopping or visiting another city or state. Ensure that the forms you’re filling up are secure and that no one else will find out about it. Usually, the most secure forms come with a letter of consent and confidentiality. So don’t fill up random forms without those, or make sure to ask the organization regarding the privacy of your personal information.

Make Friends With Your Neighbors

Sometimes the people curious about our lives want to be friends with us. A healthy amount of interaction with your neighbors can keep them from getting too curious. Additionally, they can even help with your privacy. Reminding them not to share certain things with others regarding your life is something that most people can respect, and they will certainly do it once you are good enough friends with them. Opening up some space in your life for some friends can be beneficial for your private life in return.

Here are ways you can keep your life private in both the virtual and physical world. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that the information people share about you is limited. It will also help you avoid toxic relationships in the future.

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