Escaping the 9-5: What to Do Instead

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If you want to earn money for yourself, you will have to take on a job willing to take you. It takes years of improvement and dedication to ensure that you have enough skills and knowledge to pursue your career. However, you will find that others are also making the same investment. At any point, you will be willing to take on a job so long as it provides you with the income you need for daily survival.

However, most of them involve sitting in front of a computer in an office clocked in eight continuous work hours. The corporate 9-5 shift can become unappealing, which might make you feel miserable. It will be challenging to keep yourself motivated if the office walls start to feel like closing in on you. Fortunately, you can pursue many paths that will help you escape the dreaded 9-5.

Here are some of the things you can try to help you get out of corporate life:

Start a Business

Most employees do not have an issue with the standard work hours. The shift might cause stress, but it is because they are working for someone else. There is nothing wrong with being under a manager, a boss, or a corporate leader, but employees will feel like their performance might mean nothing to satisfy their purpose and goals. Taking control of your life, including your career choices, could be the significant difference between misery and happiness, which is why many people decide to pursue their respective ventures.

If you want to be your boss, you can start a business while creating your resignation letter. The company you create does not have to be entirely different from your career path, mostly since you learned a lot from your experience as an employee. However, you will find that not having to clock in and work for long hours can help you feel good about yourself. Despite the benefits of starting a business, you will have to remember the responsibilities of it. However, you will find that your actions will result in more satisfaction, allowing you to dictate your happiness in life.

start my own business

Become a Franchisee Owner

Some employees will leave their jobs in hopes of pursuing a business. However, their ideas might not pan out. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success, which is why you should avoid feeling sorry for yourself when you fail. Fortunately, you can take advantage of other businesses’ success for yourself. Besides imitating their success methods, you will find that owning a franchise will result in more profit with fewer investments. Try to find the most suitable one for your preference or taste.

You can also find eco-friendly business franchises that will help you feel good about yourself. You can find many industries that include established companies looking to expand their reach. However, becoming a franchise owner is similar to running a business, which means you have to prepare for a challenging journey.

Provide Service

Escaping the 9-5 life can be challenging, especially when you have no plans to start a business. However, you might find that you are skillful enough in a particular area that allows you to make a profit. If you believe in your skills, you can provide service to your customers. You will have to start figuring out what area you can master. Improve your skills and knowledge enough to help create expertise.

Once you gain enough experience, you will ensure that you have certification and a list of referrals composing your clients. If your trade becomes profitable enough, you will find that creating a service-based business is within the horizon.

Get Creative

Providing service can be challenging, but you will find other skills you can improve and use to escape the 9-5 life. There are plenty of options, but the digital age presents you with a platform that allows you to show off your skills. You can get creative with your craft, ranging from graphic design to art photography. Freelancing is in demand in corporate setups, but you no longer have to suffer through the exhausting work shift. It will be necessary to work on your creative skills, especially when planning to make a career out of it. Try to enter workshops or online classes to help you keep up with the demands.

The 9-5 life can be unappealing for most employees, but it does contain the important aspect of life in work. If you wish to leave the miserable corporate setup, you will find that these career paths will provide you with the most success.

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