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Clapham is a district in the centre of London, within the borough of Lambeth. It is an area of great historical and cultural significance, with its roots extending back to the Saxon era when it was a small village known as ‘Cloop Ham’ meaning ‘Small Hill’. Today it is one of the cities most vibrant and affluent districts of arts and culture, famed for housing some of London’s highest esteemed authors and people of historical interest such as Graham Greene. It is also an area widely praised for its healthcare facilities and quality of living. As renowned diarist and resident John Evelyn famously said in a letter to colleague Samuel Pepys; “You are at Clapham, enjoying better health, a purer air, nobler retreats”


One practitioner in the area today which helps Clapton retain its place as one of London’s most renowned areas for healthcare is Clapham South Dental Centre an NHS and private clinic who offer a wide range of patient orientated, bespoke dental and cosmetic work across an array of procedures. Treatment here is only carried out by a practitioner of the patients choosing that they are familiar with and have a good and trusted relationship with. Various forms of orthodontic treatments are available here, including the installation of Invisalign braces. Invisalign braces are a revolutionary discrete tooth-alignment treatment, offered as an alternative to contemporary fused ‘train-track’ braces. The procedure consists of a custom made removable moulding crafted of the patients teeth by the dentist from patented SmartTrack® plastic. This mould, when worn over a sustained period of time – generally up to 12 months – aligns the users teeth to the specifications discussed through consultations. Invisalign is particularly popular with young adults and teenagers as it is practically invisible when worn, allowing the user to undergo dental alignment discreetly and avoid unwanted scrutiny. Another similar treatment offered here is the installation of Invisible braces, which are similar to conventional fused braces, only they are attached to the back of the patient’s teeth – and thus are virtually undetectable when worn for the course of treatment. Braces such as these can help vastly improve a patient’s self-esteem by restoring their smiles to there fullest potential after treatment, all the while being invisible to the naked eye for the duration of the alignment process.

Preserving the vitality of youth


Another cosmetic treatment that is available from Clapham South Dental Centre is Botox injections. Unlike other services offered, Botox does not affect the teeth, but rather is a facial rejuvenation procedure which involves injecting a muscle relaxing compound that can help halt the signs of ageing. Botox procedures are quick and painless, and the users can enjoy the effects for up to 3-6 months, depending on treatment. The procedure consists of injecting a botulinum toxin into the face, which targets the tiny face muscles that cause expression lines and relaxes them by blocking the nerve impulses that cause them to move. This results in the patients face appearing smoother and more youthful. Botox injections are only carried out by a registered and trained professional the patient can trust, with a certified understanding of facial anatomy. Botox injections are a fairly simple undertaking, and only typically take up to 15 minutes for the patient to see the results. Botox can vastly boost a users self-esteem and help restore a more vibrant and youthful expression to their faces.

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