Experience the Wonders of Singapore Through Your Palate

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Food is more than just sustenance; for many Asian cultures, it has become their way of life. At the heart of every celebration, gathering, and event, there is food. This is not to say that their entire lives revolve around their food, but Asian countries are very proud of their bold flavors.

Take, for instance, Singapore. If you plan to go to Singapore, you need to try their famous laksa and kaya Toast as you make your itinerary to visit the Merlion. Food is an integral part of Asian cultures, and it’s only right considering that their flavors will be nothing you’ve ever had before.

So do yourself a favor and take note of the food hubs that you should check out the next time you go to Singapore. It would be your loss not to make time to experience the scrumptious flavors of Asia, and you’ll never know what you’re missing out on until you’ve had a taste of your own.

However, it would be impossible to fit all these food hubs into one trip, especially since one hub houses hundreds of food options to choose from. And the human stomach can only fit so much food. But a little research never hurt anyone, so do your homework and find out what hubs you should go to first. To get you started on the right foot, here are four must-visit food hubs you can check out:

1. Changi Airport

changi airport

Don’t miss out on the dozen of food choices at Changi Airport once you arrive or before you depart for your next flight. The airport is home to hundreds of restaurants, cafes, fast food shops, and a large food court, which means you’ll have so many options to choose from. Changi also offers cuisines such as Indian, Western, Japanese, and Chinese, among others.

Whether you’re only in Singapore for a quick layover or passing through to a connecting flight, you can still get a taste of Asian flavors just by explore what Changi has to offer. But of course, if you want to experience authentic Singaporean flavors, the hawker centers are the places to be.

2. Old Airport Road Food Center

The Old Airport Road hawker center got its name because it was close to the first civilian airport in Singapore—Kallang Airport. This 30-year-old food hub is deemed the best hawker center in all of Singapore, which tells how treasured this place is given its history.

The locals even consider this as a gem both in terms of price and value because it has managed to stay budget-friendly over the years. If you’re a big fan of wonton noodles, char kway teow, and lor mee, the Old Airport Road hawker center with its hundreds of food stalls will be perfect for you.

3. Chinatown Food Street

If you want to treat yourself to good food and experience a touch of culture at the same time, you will have a blast at Chinatown Food Street. It’s an extension of the popular Chinatown Night Market, where most tourists and locals frequent because of the wide array of shopping stalls.

Of course, from the name of the street, you’ll gather that the food found here is more focused on Chinese flavors, such as roasted duck with rice or noodles. But you can also find Singaporean food stalls that offer satay skewers and grilled meat or seafood, so just take this as a chance to explore the place better.

4. Tiong Bahru Market

After the Old Airport Road, the Tiong Bahru Market comes next on the list of popular hawker centers in Singapore. It comes to life as early as seven in the morning, which is why it’s more famous for breakfast and brunch meals, especially since they close at various times in the afternoon and evenings.

Here, you will be able to find an array of roasted ducks, pork ribs with noodles, and Hainanese chicken over pandan rice. You will also find coffee and milk drink stalls there if you’re opting for snacks instead of full meals. Typical of hawker centers, you can get high-quality and delicious food for only a few dollars per plate.

People say that one of the best ways to get to know a new place is through your stomach, and they’re not wrong. You can’t visit another country and not try the delicacies or meals that they are known for. It will be a shame if you don’t allow yourself to get a taste. So don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime and hit all the food hubs you can during your trip to Singapore.

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