A Date with Luxury: How to Make Your Dates Extra Special

Couple having dinner in a luxury restaurant

Impressing a date requires more than just your personality and charm. Your date has to be surprised, amazed, awestruck.

If your date took extra care to look special for dinner or a play, you wouldn’t want to take them to a run-down restaurant or get the cheapest seats at the theatre. It pays to go beyond your usual haunts for someone you admire. You should be able to sweep them off their feet with these lavish date ideas.

A Trip to Another Country – Free of Charge

Nothing wows quite like an all-expense-paid trip to another country. If you plan on going to a Southeast Asian nation, Singapore is your best bet. It’s an English-speaking country with a great selection of fine and private dining restaurants. It’s also home to the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, with its infinity pool and observation deck with a panoramic view of the city. With other attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and Gardens by the Bay, your partner will surely enjoy their stay in the Lion City with you.

Though Paris is a beautiful city, it’s chock-full of tourists. If you want to experience the luxe side of Europe, look no further than Luxembourg. This small city shares its border with three European countries. Its picturesque landscapes complement the Celtic and Roman architecture of its castles and churches. You and your date will feel like lovers in the Victorian era, hiking in the scenic Mullerthal Trail or visiting the boutique shops and cafes of Diekirch.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax in or be active, go to Cancun. Located in the heart of Mexico, this city is home to the Temple of Kukulkan, a step-pyramid built by the ancient Mayans. Apart from historical sites, Cancun also has beautiful beaches with bustling nightlife scenes and water sports activities like jet-skiing and scuba diving. You’ll never run out of things to do with your partner in this coast-side paradise.

VIP Seats at a Concert or Play

Couple having a date at a concertNothing beats being close to the stage while musicians perform their hearts out, regardless of whether you’re watching an elegant orchestra or a high-octane rock concert. There’s just an exhilarating feeling to it that you can’t replicate in a box seat. Most pop and rock concerts don’t even have chairs in their VIP area, so you and your date are free to dance while screaming at the top of your lungs.

The same goes for plays. Being close to the stage lets you see every expression the actors make. The dialogue also sounds more natural as you don’t really hear it through a speaker like you would if you’re seated at the back.

Exclusive Sky Tour for Two

Plane rides can give you great views of the city, but you only see them through a small window. A private tour in a helicopter will let you and your partner have a full bird’s eye view of landscapes and buildings. It will make your date feel like they’re in an action movie and a nature documentary at the same time. The ride also lets you take photos of breathtaking vistas and sunsets from a high altitude – something you can rarely do in a passenger airline or when you’re on the ground.

The best experiences require you to escape the ordinary. If you want to woo the one you love, take them to places they’ve never visited. See cities that look like they’re lost in time. Enjoy a music festival on the other side of the road. And when in doubt, take them to the sky. It is the limit, after all.

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