From Fences to Greenery: Make Your House the Best-Looking One on the Block

modern luxury house with beautiful front yard

The den’s fitted with great antiques, the kitchen has been refurbished, and all the bedrooms have new fittings. The only place left undecorated is the exterior of your home.

Decorating the lawn, backyard, and facade of your house is not limited to festooning fairy lights around or putting up pumpkins when the season calls for it. Exterior design can also mean replacing fences, adding improvements on your roof, and rebuffing the windows.


Fences serve multiple purposes: they demarcate property lines, protect the privacy and security of a property, and enhance the look of a home’s exterior.

Wooden, plastic, and decorative metal fences have different panels and posts to choose from. A metal fence can have overlapping fence panels slanted vertically or horizontally, or decorated with etchings. Tapered boards are good options for sturdy feather edge fencing, which ensures extra security for your property. Hurdle and picket fencing is ideal for decoration, privacy, and keeping animals and small children in.

Trees and Flowers

Greenery is an energy efficient and environmentally-friendly way of decorating the exterior of your home. Ornamental trees can line your home and shield it from extreme heat or cold, potentially lowering your energy costs. Flowers and shrubbery can maintain the quality of your soil and serve as indicators of the turning of the seasons.

The type of greenery that can be planted at a home depends on the climate of the area, soil type, size and hardiness of the plant, and its pest susceptibility. Green thumbs can try their hand at growing high maintenance plants, while those who need a helping hand may want hardy, low maintenance plants such as succulents.

Popular landscaping trees include the flowering crabapple, maple, flowering pear, and dogwood for their vibrant seasonal colors. Hardy hibiscus attracts butterflies and birds. The perennial geranium is also butterfly-friendly and resistant to vermin. Ferns and hostas offer lasting greenness to any garden.


house with glass windowsAside from picking the right curtains, window films and glass tiles can make windows stand out and save energy. If stained glass windows are out of the question, decals and static clings can create a facsimile without hurting the budget. Meanwhile, window treatments and films are a great energy saving solution for homeowners who want a lot of natural light without running the AC 24/7.


The material of a roof can be decorative in addition to being functional. Solar tiles are the epitome of this principle as a 100 sqm of solar collectors can collect and generate up to 1 kilowatt of energy. Metal roofing can be repainted in variant ways and last up to 60 years, while slate can go up to 100 years. Stone slated on top of steel and rubber slate can mimic expensive real stone options.

Decorating your roof for each season is also a nifty way of changing the look of your home. Fairy and icicle lights are appropriate for the winter months, as well as sculptures of what is appropriate for your beliefs. Depending on your outlook on Halloween, your roof can bear a few spooky skeletons and spiders or bearing protection against nasty pranks.

As with any renovation and decoration, the lasting power of these decorations entirely depends on their maintenance. Fences will eventually need mending, as will roofs and greenery needs proper landscaping to get rid of weeds and pests. Homeowners also need to consider whether their new decorations may cause a disturbance in the neighborhood.

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