Laying Down the Concrete: What Matters for Your Property

laying down concrete

Most homeowners think that laying down the concrete for their property would be so much cheaper than having professionals do it for them. While this could be true, you can only enjoy the savings if the concrete is properly laid down; otherwise, you might spend more in the future. Here are some things you need to consider when using concrete for your property.

Consider Thickness

In Kansas City, professional concrete pavers recommend homeowners and to know the precise thickness of their concrete floors or walls. The thickness depends on where the concrete will be laid. You need to consider the weight the concrete could support. For example, sidewalks need to be four inches thick; commercial driveways should be at least eight inches thick, and residential driveways should be at least six inches in thickness. It’s a process that requires delicate precision to guarantee that the concrete would not crack too soon.

Consider Different Concrete Types

Concrete has different types. Your choice would depend on how the concrete would eventually be used. Different mixes might even be necessary if the surface needs to match specific requirements. There are three main ingredients to concrete: water, aggregates, and Portland cement.

The ratio of each one compared to the others is important; otherwise, the mixture may not dry up or crumble easily. There are also different types of Portland cement, from general purpose types to those that have low heat hydration, high sulfate resistance, and moderate sulfate resistance.

Consider All Necessary Tools Needed

concrete floor

This is another reason it’s better to have experts do the job. They can walk in and have the tools needed to accomplish the concrete work. While you can mix the concrete as needed, it takes some skill to lay it out properly. The concrete needs to be perfectly even or with some coarse lines if you want some friction on the surface. This process needs special tools, and you need to be able to use those tools properly. The time period between pouring the concrete and allowing it to harden is fairly short. Those who don’t have the skill for it may find a hardened concrete surface even before they can get the flatness they want.

Lay Down Proper Support

A concrete driveway is not 100% concrete. You’re going to need support underneath that to help improve its durability. There must be a “container” that can help the concrete hold its shape while drying. It also adds to the overall durability of the concrete with tight joints that prevent leaks.

Prepare the Landscape

Finally, many homeowners fail to prepare the surface where the concrete will be poured down. This is important because even with proper support, a badly prepared surface can compromise the durability of the concrete. Many homeowners rush to the process of pouring concrete, not taking into consideration the necessity for a perfectly flat and clear surface.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when you want to lay down concrete for your property. If you find it hard to think of these in many cases, you should consider calling a professional paving company as the more affordable option.

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