Get The Attention You Deserve: Take Steps To Be More Interesting

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Many people wish that they could be more enjoyable. They make this wish because they often think it is out of their reach since they equate it with being rich or talented. All you need to be interesting is the willingness to leave your comfort zone. Here are some things you can do to change your life.

Learn New Skills

When people graduate college, they often think that’s the end of learning for them. But if you want to be interesting, you need to be able to show off something. There are several skills out there that you can pick up. They range from simple bar tricks that you can do to impress people while drinking to something more substantial. For example, if you always wanted to learn how to do card tricks like a magician, it’s the perfect time to start.

But it would be best if you also looked for more useful skills like languages, programming, and more. There are dozens of online learning sites that allow you to learn something new. They can be a great thing to boast of or show off a little. Additionally, when a potential employer uploads your file in their candidate tracking software, the skills you can use at work will be sure to impress.

Have A Collection

One aspect of being interesting is being passionate about something. Passion can reveal that you are someone worth knowing. While there are various things you can be passionate about, one simple way is to start a collection. There are several things you can start collecting. One of these is books. They are easy to find and great to look at when they line your bookshelf. They can be more than that since you can also read them. A small library will be able to provide you with something to talk about, whether it is the latest bestseller or some nonfiction history. Other things you can collect are vinyl records or even other items that have collectible value. Beginning a collection means that you learn more about a topic. This can be useful when you want to talk as an expert about something.

Listen To Podcasts

One quality of an interesting person is that they can talk about a variety of topics. If you have something interesting to say, then people will listen to you. If you read a lot of books, then you likely have something interesting to talk about. The problem is that reading can take up a lot of time and is not comfortable sometimes. But there is another way to expand your mind. You can start listening to podcasts. The modern version of radio shows, podcasts cover a whole range of topics, and listening to them can be simple to do. Having a healthy spread of podcasts allow you to learn more info about the topics you have an interest in.

Get Active

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If you want to be interesting, then you need to get active. Staying in bed when you can go and do something is not the smart approach. To be interesting, you need to go and things. This is likely to take you out of your comfort zone, but it can be worth it. On your vacation days, don’t just stay at home and watch Netflix. Go on a trip or participate in various activities. This allows you to have something great to talk about. When you do interesting things, you will slowly become a lot more interesting.

Have A Unique Wardrobe

Eye-catching clothes can be a nice way to catch the attention of people. You don’t have to wear designer clothes to draw people’s attention to your outfit. You could try and choose a signature piece. For example, not so many people wear hats nowadays. If you start wearing hats, then you will be sure to draw people’s eyes to yourself. Various accessories can make you recognizable and make people curious. A distinctive pair of glasses can have people start talking to you, asking about where it came from. It also makes you a lot more memorable. With a unique outfit, people will recall you immediately.

Becoming interesting is a conscious move. While it is a lot easier than most people, you still have to put some effort into it. A lot of these things you need to do will take you out of your comfort zone and shine the spotlight on you. But this is the price if you want to become a more interesting person. Embrace it and make being interesting your goal so that you can catch people’s eyes.

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