Here’s What You Should Give Your Partner for Valentine’s Day

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If you haven’t had the slightest idea what to get your partner this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The list below includes gift ideas for every personality. So scroll down below and see which one you think your partner would love.

1. For the artistic partner

Paint by number kits is becoming a trend these days, especially in the art community. If you want to give your partner something art-related this is the best gift to give them. There are lots of designs to choose from. And the best part is that you can do it together. Why not turn it into a date? Prepare some drinks and some snacks and enjoy a therapeutic creative session of painting with your partner.

2. For the partner that loves makeup

If your partner is a fan of makeup, it’s pretty clear what you should get them. However, choosing exactly what makeup item to get for your partner can be difficult. Here’s some advice on what you shouldn’t get instead. Don’t get your partner foundation, lipstick, concealer, or bronzer.

The reason you shouldn’t get them these is that unless you know exactly what shade their skin color is, you can expect they’ll return it or won’t use it at all. Instead, get them an eye shadow palette. Eye shadow palettes were created to fit every and any skin color and tone. You can expect plenty of makeup brands to release a Valentine’s Day collection this year. So watch out for those.

3. For the outdoorsy partner

When it comes to outdoorsy people, you can trust that anything related to the outdoors and adventure, they’ll appreciate. And if you can’t think of a specific gadget or tool to get them, why not get them a monthly subscription for outdoor gear? And it’s not just any gear, Cairns makes sure to provide all customers with great quality gear.

4. For the mom/dad partner

For the moms and dads out there. What cuter gift can you get than a mommy/daddy and me matching set from an infant or child clothing store? It’s a great way not only to show affection to your partner but to your child as well. Match it with some family fun activities and spend Valentine’s Day as a family.

5. For the long-distance partner

Chances are, plenty of people aren’t together with their partners due to the pandemic. If you and your partner happen to be forced into a long-distance relationship (thanks to COVID-19) this is the best gift for you. The Bond Touch Bracelet is a bracelet that is meant to send notifications to your partner whenever you touch the bracelet and vise-versa. No matter the distance you can always feel each other’s presence.

6. For the plant-lover partner

If your partner is a plant-lover, don’t get them a bouquet of cut flowers. Instead, get them the actual plant itself in a pot so that they can have it forever. Bouquets are expensive and they eventually die. If you give your partner the plant itself, it can stay with them forever. Bonus points if you grew the plant yourself. It can be a symbol of your growing love for each other and a good sign of effort too.

7. For the book-lover partner

It can be hard to choose what book to get your partner if you aren’t fond of them yourself. If you don’t have any idea what book to get your partner. You can give them book accessories instead. You can get them an interesting bookmark or a cute bookend. This way you don’t risk giving your partner a book they won’t enjoy.

8. For the partner that loves to listen to music

Does your partner love to listen to music? There are plenty of gift options you can choose from. If your partner loves vintage items, you can get them a record player. And if they already have one why not get them some records, they don’t have yet. Or do it the way your parents did back in the days. Get them a Walkman and make them a mixtape full of songs that remind you of your relationship.

woman drinking coffee from large cup

9. For the coffee addict partner

Any coffee addict would appreciate a nice coffee date. But why not go the extra mile and get them their very own coffee maker instead (if they don’t already have one). If they’ve already got a coffee maker you can never go wrong with coffee beans and a cute coffee cup to go with it.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift, one of these options will definitely make your partner happy this Valentine’s Day. Besides, keep in mind that any person that genuinely loves you will appreciate everything you do for them. And it doesn’t always have to be in the form of material things. Sometimes making time is already enough.

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