Grooming Hacks: Looking Good During the Pandemic

man getting haircut

The so-called “pandemic look” is just one of the many after-effects of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak. It’s true that people have many things they want to do. However, there just isn’t enough room to do it at home.

One of that is the right grooming, or activities from cutting your hair, shaving your beard, or making yourself look good, generally. For ladies, they also have no access to a proper haircut and style, fashioning their hair with the use of a salon-grade rotating curling iron brush, or being generally made up. Some might think it normal since they really don’t have any reason to make themselves up; they’re just staying at home.

But barring the effects of making one’s self look good, here are ways in which you can doll yourself up or groom yourself overall.

DIY Haircuts — Those that you can do

A DIY haircut starts with the type of gear you want to use. You can go the traditional way with scissors and razors, but that is incredibly difficult. You’ll be best served to leave the manual method to the professionals, but if you want to do it, go the other way.

With the way YouTube has permeated each level of society now, there are bound to be instructional videos that are easy to follow. You should also make sure that this video teaches you how to do your preferred cut, whether it’s a Mohawk, a 20s-era undercut, or a taper fade.

Afterward, you should watch and follow each step closely as they specify it. That is if you really want to accomplish your best-looking haircut.

Don’t Shave Your Head

Shaving might be an easier method. It’s just you and that razor and you shaving your hair clean off your head. However, a buzz cut is something that’s not a good haircut right now. Professional barbers also ask their clientele to hold off giving themselves a buzz cut, especially if they’ve never done it.

Sometimes, stylists have a hard time fixing haircuts that were done badly, most especially buzz cuts. They tell stories of clients who ended up with unruly hair or one that grew “like a puffball”. If you fail to do it properly, it will be very hard to manage in the long run.

man touching hair looking at mirror

Make Fruitful Use of your Travel Time

For those who have started to get used to remote working, there’s a lot of free time that goes unaccounted for. Some people might love the added time in the morning that they’ve taken back, thanks to the remote work arrangement.

It falls on you to do something with all that extra time. There are those who would prefer to put it into exercise or preparing a better breakfast. If you think you need a little grooming, you can use this for that too. Try to shave your beard while you’re at it.

The lifelong benefit of this is that when the world finally returns to normal, you won’t come out with a full-bodied beard.

Clipping and Trimming Nose Hairs

There are men who are gifted enough to grow a full-bodied beard in a short time. These men are also cursed with having to take care of their nose hairs. It’s no secret that their nose hairs can cause irritation and bouts of sneezing if not trimmed and taken care of.

Wayward hair can be acceptable if no one sees you, like in a home setting. It can be a source of ridicule if you’re in a public place. Keep it trimmed with small nose-hair trimmers or tiny scissors so that it wouldn’t be a nuisance.

Taking Care of Your Nails, as a Man

The art of keeping your nails isn’t reserved only for women; there are men who wouldn’t want to keep their nails at an unsightly length and appearance. This is the case for those who religiously keep their nails trimmed.

The tools needed to trim nails can be bought at any local store or drugstore. Just make sure to check if it’s the ones you really need. The nail clipper is really what you’ll mainly need, with the other tools — the sanding block and cuticle tool — an optional addition.

Being a man doesn’t mean that you’ll let your hair and your beard grow out at the same time. It also means that you need to keep your appearance acceptable enough for people to notice. It’s hard to know how acceptable it is due to the pandemic, but you’ll just have to make sure your friends and family seem pleased.

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