Hair Trends for Men in 2021

man getting haircut

Different hairstyles suit different people the best, and any man would find it challenging to discover the best hairstyle or haircut for them. It can depend on their face shape, hair type, and hair products often used. Whether you’re a fan of the modern ‘fade haircuts’ to classic pompadours, there’s a hairstyle out there for everyone.

With that in mind, the following are some of the most popular hair trends for men in the new decade.

Acid Pops

The acid pop head has ‘popped’ off last year and found its way to the start of the new decade, with more men sporting brighter and bolder bleached jobs in vibrant shades of lime green, pink, and cobalt—allowing men to make strong statements in whatever platform. For men with prominent gray areas on their hair, instead of bleaching it, use darkening hair color shampoo to cover them up and not damage them further.

Textured Crop

Ever since the rise of ‘bad’ bowl cuts in the nineties and emo side sweeps, many men have given fringe hairstyles a wide berth, and in most cases, it has been a wise aversion. However, one of 2021’s most popular haircuts on the fringe front, the textured crop isn’t ‘bad,’ efficiently flattering most men sporting the haircut. The hairstyle is a combination of the short back and sides where the length on top smoothly goes along with gravity instead of going against it.

It works alongside a man’s natural growth patterns but works best on those with ‘thick and textured hair.’

Undercut Quiff

The quiff is the go-to hairstyle of many adolescents today. However, this new year’s version isn’t so ‘try-hard,’ entering the ‘serious’ adult hairstyle niche via a sharply contrasting undercut and finish that prioritizes gentle matte texture over overwhelming stiffness. But before deciding which industrial-strength hair product to use to secure your hair into place, you can ask the barber to make adjustments to the quiff.

Tapered High & Tight

If you’re not into wild and long hairstyles and don’t want to look like an egg, the tapered take on the high and tight hairstyle is the best choice for you. It’s a short and low-maintenance haircut borrowing the buzz cut’s attitude, leaving you with some mane of hair up top. The high and tight is a style-conscious classic. However, to avoid ‘overdoing’ it, make sure you choose a qualified barber to do the job. You can get the most out of the haircut by applying a smear of fiber paste to damp hair, creating weight and texture that leaves you sporting an overall natural and smart look.

Messy Man Bob

For years, ‘long and messy hair’ has been the go-to for rebels and grungers. Many have regarded the ‘messy man bob’ as something that happens when a man disregards grooming their hair. However, with a bit of TLC and skillful scissor work, long locks don’t need to mean you don’t like washing your hair. Mid-shoulder-length hair that’s a bit ruffled up has plenty of potential of reaching the mid-point between making and effort—or not.

It’s best to avoid anything that’s too smooth. The messy man bob works best with individuals with thick and textured locks, and the key to making the most out of it is getting the right number of layers that can complement your face shape and hair texture. For instance, if you have a prominent jawline, it’s best to have the outer layers create a flow or drop within the hair.

well groomed man

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has been the traditional shorthand for either rebellion against the ‘man.’ Depending on one’s perception, when the barber grabs their clippers, either your compliance with society or individuality will be renewed and left on the floor. However, that’s the thing about buzz cuts. Not only it ‘renews’ you as a person, but it can pronounce your good looks better by adding emphasis to your face, so you’ll need to have the right features for it—and not everyone has proportioned heads.

That’s why before you let the barber shave away, feel your head for any lumps and bumps, as these will be visible once you go semi-bald. It’s best if you also look at the mirror and imagine what you’d look like with a buzz cut and determine if it would look good on you. The buzz cut may be uniform in length, but the tiny variations on one’s clipper guards can make a huge difference.

From working days to fashion weeks—modern men’s hairstyle trends are some of the best hair cuts among men of all ages in 2021, allowing men to celebrate the new decade with great style and a fantastic mane of hair.

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