Lesser-known Mountain Biking Trails in the USA

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The pandemic affected our daily lives to a significant degree. The situation compelled us to stay at home to avoid getting infected by the virus. Despite this, we can still participate in outdoor activities as long as we follow proper health protocols like wearing masks and avoiding crowds.

One of the outdoor activities we can participate in is mountain biking. While the more popular mountain biking trails in the country have attracted crowds right now, you can opt to stimulate your body and release endorphins to take away the stress of life in the city. The following are some lesser-known yet notable mountain biking trails in the United States.

If you’re going to spend a night or two at these trails, you have the choice of pitching a tent or booking a room at a lodge near the trail. If you’re pitching a tent, make sure to bring everything you need for camp, including meat to barbecue and the sauces you can put into smaller containers using a fluid dispenser nozzle.

Eagle, Colorado

Eagle, Colorado, has a couple of lesser-known trails ideal for beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. This makes these trails ideal for families and people who are still working on riding skills. One of these trails is Haymaker. It is a five-mile trail, a climb that gradually becomes steeper as you get closer to the top. The trail is fund and fast and was built for the annual mountain biking championships of Colorado High School.

On the other hand, Boneyard might be shorter at three miles, but it is more challenging than Hatmaker. This single-track intermediate trail is fast and opens close to the top. Then, it becomes technical when you near the trailhead. These two trails offer great views of nature and give you a good dose of sunshine.

You can set up camp at Sylvan Lake State Park. You also have the option of renting a cabin nearby.

Nashville, Indiana

The rolling hills of Nashville, Indiana, spawned allowed the Brown County State Park (BCSP) to create single-track trails for beginners and advance mountain bikers. The BCSP is a bronze-level International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Bike Center.

The majority of its trails are fast and flowy. The trails are fun yet technical and will test your endurance. It also offers some tricky rock drops and tight switchbacks. The trails leading to the Yellowwood State Forest offer rocky obstacles, log crossings, and a backcountry appeal. It is best to conquer the park in autumn when the leaves add to the appeal of blazing through its 35 miles of trails.

The Brown County State Park has a campground where you can camp for the night. But if you brought lights, you can go on a night right before hitting the sack.

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Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia, has around 320 miles of trails less than an hour away from Blue Ridge, Virginia. While this might not be quite popular, it’s expected to change soon. Before hitting the trails, bikers can warm up on the single tracks of Mill Mountain Park, located inside the city.

Once their legs are prepped-up properly, they can start hitting the trail. Each trail has its appeal. Carvins Cove’s trails are ideal for intermediate and advanced riders, while the Rattlin’ Run is great for free riders. Cross-country riders might want to check out the three-mile trail of Four Gorge.

The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests are ideal for riders who want to enjoy nature’s beauty on a mountain bike.

RV hook-ups and cabins are available at Explore Park, along with a place to pitch a tent.

Ocala, Florida

It might be located in an area without any natural elevation, but Santos Mountain Bike Park offers around 1,000 feet of descent and ascent for riders to test their skills. The reason for this is it’s located in an old limestone quarry. Additionally, the place has a lot of wood features, including jumps and corkscrews.

Some trails are smooth and easy, while others have tight corners. Its 25-mile trail network offers something for riders of different skill levels. Expert riders also want to check out Vortex and its two miles of thrilling trails that test how good a mountain biker they are.

The Santos Campground is the best place to set up your tent for the night. But it’s best to make a reservation since the place fills up fast. Another option is the Shangri-La campground, which is close to the Cross Florida Greenway.

While mountain biking allows people to ride the stress of the pandemic away, it’s still important to follow proper health protocols to avoid getting infected.

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