How to Get the Best Deals out of Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday Sale

In the US, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a celebration of gratitude for the bountiful harvest. Of course, you could say going on a shopping binge with carts full of Christmas gifts and personal luxuries can also be described as a bountiful harvest.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving as a shopping season has become a global phenomenon, thanks to the advent of online shopping. Back then, Americans had to queue after eating turkey on Thanksgiving evening with a riotous crowd hungry for a TV or a gaming console. Cellphones, cameras, laptops, bathroom essentials, appliances–almost everything’s on sale. Now, customers can scan online retailers for all the items they want for the whole Thanksgiving weekend.

Of course, if you’re thinking of participating in this massive, global-scale sales event, then you better get ready for it. Black Friday sales can be a cut-throat event even for UK shoppers–especially the item you want sells out fast. Here are some tips you can use to take advantage of this yearly shopping event.

Find the best day to splurge

The Thanksgiving shopping season typically begins during the eve of the eponymous day, peaks at midnight Black Friday, and ends on Cyber Monday. There’s also Small Business Saturday and a typical Sunday in between. You have five or more days to think of what you can buy during the sale season. Some retailers give away discounts starting in the third week of November. Others begin their sales during Thanksgiving day. You have the whole second half of November to plan for the ultimate shopping spree.

Compare prices and bundles

Not all Black Friday sales are created equal. Some offer product bundles; others slash down the price by not too much. Always compare pricing between competing stores and retailers. You can check the difference between the original price and the discounted prices as well. Discount shopping requires patience and a lot of deliberation to make an informed decision.

Black Friday Sale

Purchase those you can only afford

If you want to buy anything during the Thanksgiving sale, then you better have the money to pay for it. Christmas season isn’t the time for buyer’s remorse. Spend your money on things you can afford. Never max out your credit cards or drain your emergency savings so you can get that new iPhone.

Sign up for newsletters

Online retailers endorse signing up for newsletters or emails for a good reason. It’s where they update potential buyers of special discounts or new product offers. Sometimes, online stores offer one-of-a-kind promos you can only get by signing up, such as a discount code or a free item. Sometimes these are calibrated to your buying behaviour–you’ll quickly find what you want to buy.

Check here the item ships from

Some items are readily available in the UK. However, some parcels may take the long way round through international freight-forwarding services to get to your home. Having your goods imported to the country may cost extra charges or take longer time to ship than those already here. If you’re thrifty and impatient, then find another retailer that can ship it quicker and cheaper. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for that special Christmas present you just bought.

The best way to save money during the Thanksgiving weekend is not buying anything at all during the week-long sale. But where’s the fun in that? Equip yourself with a strong mental fortitude, the right amount of money, and a bit of financial know-how to survive the shopping season. Shop wisely!

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