Maximise Your Small Space: 4 Tips

Small living room space

According to an analysis by the Office of National Statistics of the 2016 property market, one square metre of space costs around £2,395. This number is bound to increase over time.

As prices of properties soar, it is becoming increasingly important that you know how to maximise your living space. Both large and smaller houses can benefit from space-saving tips and tricks. The best part is, adding valuable space to your home doesn’t always need to involve a substantial cost.

Here are some things you can do now to add noticeable room to your living space.


Think big. Imagine if you were moving into your house now for the first time. Forget how you’ve currently assigned rooms and furniture. Would the layout still make sense? What if you moved the study to a different area? What if your sitting room could double as your playroom? Take into consideration how your family members or circumstances have changed since you first moved in. Sometimes, a little change in perspective and some rearranging can go a long way into saving space.


After you’re satisfied with how your rooms are assigned, you must look into organising them. A well-organised home means you’ve maximised the available space. Look for opportunities to add built-in storage spaces in alcoves, under flights of stairs, or wherever you can. You can build shelves into walls and ceilings or add multi-purpose furniture to your rooms.

This is also the ideal time to declutter. Make sure you leave only the things that are actually useful for you at the moment. Items that don’t make the cut can either be stored elsewhere, sold, or given away. Here’s an excellent Cosmopolitan article with tips on decluttering your wardrobe.

Small Space


All right, house extensions do cost money. However, you can minimise the cost with foresight and planning. There are a number of extensions and conversions you can do to add space to your home. Figure out which parts are easiest to extend but have the most space to gain. If you’re looking into loft conversions in Sussex, a few options are available for you to transform that space into more than just a storage area.


Because of the rising demand for space-savers, many modern furniture designs have gotten smaller, while still fulfilling their functions. Be on the lookout for smaller and slimmer pieces that can replace your bulky ones. It may also be worth considering having customised furniture made, especially when you’re interested in multi-functional furniture like murphy beds. The money you invest here can translate into savings down the road. Adding a mirror or two in smaller rooms can also give it that spacious feel.

Since space is becoming more and more valuable every day, maximising what you have is a worthwhile project. There are tons of resources online for more specific tips. Study which ones are beneficial and realistic for your particular needs. The important thing is for you to leave an open mind and a creative outlook. Saving space in your home is a commitment that you’ll have to work on constantly.

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