Landscape Design: Going Beyond Curb Appeal


The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) announced that two-in-one landscape design is among the trends you can’t ignore in 2019. The report explains consumers want a beautiful, well-designed outdoor feature that serves a dual purpose. Apart from maximizing your yard, two-in-one landscape designs can create multiple returns.

How Much Return Would You Get?

The price advantage of a well-landscaped home varies, depending on the type of landscaping and the original value of your property. It ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. If your home is worth $300,000, you can earn an additional $16,500 to $38,100 in value.

Remodeling your backyard patio, which includes adding outdoor features, would give you a 55.2 percent return. Installing a fire pit, for example, improves the livability of your outdoor space when temperatures dip, giving you a 67 percent return.

Of course, the results also depend on the quality of the landscaping. And this is why it’s crucial to work with a company that specializes in landscape construction. Professional guidance is essential because it will allow you to address your current and future needs for the outdoor space.

Creating a Balance


Balanced landscape design considers both the hardscaping and softscaping features. It also factors in the limitations of the outdoor space, from an odd-shaped land to obstructions. Once you’ve worked out all these details with your landscape contractor, you can look through features that may add further value to your lifestyle and to the property.

The outdoor residential features that appeal to buyers and add value to your home based on a National Association of REALTORS® report include:

  • New patio – 44 percent of consumers say this project improves function and livability.
  • New wood deck – 48 percent of consumers say this project adds features and improves livability.
  • Fire feature – 33 percent of consumers say this adds more individual personality to their home.
  • Water feature – 38 percent of consumers invest in this project for beauty and aesthetics.
  • Outdoor kitchen – this project offers a 71 percent return.

An outdoor space you can enjoy using and viewing can do more than enhance your lifestyle or persuade a potential buyer. It can also do you a world of good.

Enjoy More Quality Time Outdoors

Studies show that spending time outdoors, even for only 20 minutes, can make you happier. Even if you were to just sit and enjoy the greenery, the vibrant colors, and the fresh air, you can still gain all the benefits of being outdoors. This simple daily ritual may help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. Even medical professionals view green spaces as places where patients can obtain physical and mental health benefits.

Your beautiful and functional landscaping can take the place of a community park if you don’t have easy access to one. You can simply step into your backyard patio, get comfortable in one of the seats, and enjoy the wonderful arrangement of plants and flowers on your property.

The two-in-one landscape design is more than just a trend. With the right design and construction, your attractive and functional landscaped yard could yield more than financial benefits.

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