Living With Less Means Living More: Here’s Why

living room wirh minimal furniture

Your things start to clutter around your home, and you found yourself running out of storage solutions in your Sydney home and then panic about the lack of space. That’s when you start to realise things. There are times where the lack of space in your home is not really because your house is small.

But sometimes it’s because you have too many things – precisely, too many things that you don’t need. In today’s day and age, where everything outrageous is glorified, like living the “boujee life” so to speak, where it’s portrayed in films and mostly music videos that life is about having so much money to spend on extravagant things.

Then it becomes quite understandable why young people would love to pamper themselves with luxurious things, branded clothes, shoes, cars, and other things – it’s the trend after all. But how much of these things do you (and would) actually use in the future?

If you’re one of those people (like Paris Hilton) who have the resources and means to pull off a lifestyle like this, then it’s probably okay, space would be the least of your issue then. But how is living with less actually more fulfilling? Is it even more fulfilling?

Here are a few reasons on why living with less means living more


Let’s face the truth: you don’t use all of your things, so it’s best if you get rid of some of them. When you commit yourself to have a tidy, organised home, you start to realise how much of your things actually remained untouched compared to those that you continuously use every day.

You would also unknowingly commit yourself not to look at things that you don’t currently need when you go shopping – which is an ultimate win for both the space in your home and your bank account!


When you start taking off unused things from cabinets, drawers, attics and closets, you will begin to have more open spaces and more storage for your home. Plus there will be more space for you to move things around.

This will also give you a sense of fulfilment in a way – since a decluttered home, ultimately means having a decluttered mind. Finally letting go of stuff from the past will feel amazing, and in a way would help you start all over.


woman scrapbooking

With more material stuff lounging around your house, your focus will also be everywhere, therefore adding more to your stress when you start computing for the bills that you would need to pay. But when there is lesser stuff in your home, the easier it is for you to focus on the bigger picture.

More time for far more important things than your stuff – such as focusing more on work, having a clearer head on what you want to do, and just simply spending more time with the people around you.

Different things work on different people. But as you explore minimalism further, you would get to know more things and benefits that would make your perspective larger and learn to live more outside of the material world.

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