Strategies for Layering Your Bed to Create a Luxurious Look

Bed to Create a Luxurious Look

The bedrooms you see in magazines and catalogs look plush and luxurious and exude the perfect picture of comfort. You might find it hard to recreate this picture in your home. The primary element you should work on to generate a luxurious bed look is the creation of a layered bed. Most people think that this is too expensive since it might mean buying matching high-end beddings.

Layering beds for a luxurious look is, however, inexpensive now with the options available when you shop for bedding online. Though the price disparities among several online stores might be huge, avoid a temptation to settle for the store that offers the lowest price. You should instead focus on stores that offer quality products to guarantee durable bedding.

Here are some tips on creating the best-layered bed.

Start with White Bedding

Starting your layering with white duvets and sheets is the best choice for creating a versatile base that you can layer in multiple ways. Moreover, the white base makes your bed look crisp and clean. The white in your base will generate a calming effect that lulls you to sleep and assures your guests that the sheets are clean, unlike other colors that might hide stains and dirt.

Add Color

When layering, the blanket is an ideal choice for introducing some color to your bed. Cream ivory, goldenrod, and earthy taupe shades are perfect options during fall. Those who are aiming for a dramatic tone can opt for moody navy or vibrant charcoal hues. If you already have a white duvet for your base, you can simply fold your throw blanket at the base of your bed to avoid making your bed too hot and uncomfortable. Alternatively, you can opt to add color to your bed with throw pillows in one or more colors.

Play with Patterns

The good thing about designing your bedroom is that you get the chance to incorporate your own style and add some personality to it. Some interior design professionals suggest that you get bedroom accessories with playful yet sophisticated patterns. You can mix and match certain colors, strokes, and patterns in your bed sheets, blankets, pillows, wall decor, and floor. Just make sure all the elements of your decorations work well with one another to create an aesthetically pleasing bedroom.

Prioritize Comfort

When layering your bed, you must prioritize achieving a certain balance between the elements at play. You can incorporate your personal taste into the entire bedding, but you must always choose comfort over style. Do not sacrifice a restful sleep just to get the look you want for your bed. it pays to get high-quality beddings that are soft and do not irritate your skin. Some of the most preferred materials for bed linens and sheets include cotton and bamboo fabrics. Many people say that a comfortable bed is a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Your bed is your personal haven, which is why you need to make it as attractive and comfortable as possible. This guide should help you find the right products and inspiration for your bedroom design and bed layering task.

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