Bored of Your Kitchen? Make Simple Changes to Shift the Vibe


Whether you just bought a new house or you’ve been living there for a long time, it can be just right to do something about your kitchen. Perhaps you want to redo it according to your taste and add more practicality and functionality.

For many people, a kitchen isn’t just a kitchen. It can be where talents are born, where bonds are tightened, or where a good enough ambiance can make one productive. Making changes to it has the potential to have a significant impact on your and your family’s life. The alterations don’t have to mean tearing down a wall or over remodeling. It can be just simple tidying, decluttering, getting new utensils, and rearranging.

Improving Its Functionality

Whether you have a big or small kitchen, it is always important to think thoroughly about functionality over aesthetics. It can come later. The importance of space, for example. If you make way to create additional areas, you wouldn’t have to knock over anyone with the refrigerator door. The chances of spilling and breaking things decrease.

You should also consider how many you are in the household for whether you tend to invite guests to your house. Entertaining them can occur in the kitchen as well. Figure out the number of sitting and how big your counters should be. Setting up the correct number of seating can improve a lot in the space.

If you’re feeling a little spendy, another way to refresh the room is to extend your countertops by replacing huge space-hogging cabinets with them. This way, you can have more space when you cook, organizing the ingredients as you do. You can also put up open shelves instead of overhead cupboards. This can make you realize how refreshing it looks.

Matching Your Personal Taste

Having your kitchen just like how you want it is your right and one way to improve a comfortable living. Having a stone countertop installed, upgraded overhead cabinets, or new wall shelves can make a big difference in your kitchen. Not only will it match your personal taste, but it will save you and your family from mold and mildew.

Again, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend more than you need to. You can rearrange your kitchen by placing the refrigerator where it’s less likely to get crowded or add shelves where you can put flower vases and portraits. You can browse catalogs and search online for many modern styles that suit your style.

If you don’t want to spend so much money, there is a way for that too. Like mentioned previously, installing shelves is one cheap way but can go an elegant way. Also, by just repainting the walls, it can already make a subtle but refreshing difference.

fancy kitchen

Adding More Value and Appeal to Your Home

Many homeowners who redo their kitchen add up to 90 percent to their house value. But whether you’re planning on selling, your kitchen should still be properly managed. Making changes to your kitchen can also upgrade its appeal. How it looks and how clean it reflects on your lifestyle and what kind of a homeowner you are.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your entire kitchen should be the number one thing you should do. While replacing the cabinets and the counters can upgrade, cleaning every corner can make as much difference. If you don’t want to replace your cupboards, what you can do is declutter them and throw or donate all the things you haven’t used in at least the past nine months.

To keep going, you can remove the doors so you can have them as proper shelving. Open shelving makes you organize your storage as much as possible so it won’t look dingy and chaotic. Go through every drawer and other storage spaces where there can be things you should get rid of.

Clear up and disinfect the countertops since different types of food are placed, and unwanted bacteria can grow. Don’t forget your stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and even the blinds and the windows.


Putting up artwork or a mirror on the walls can add character to the room. Add proper lighting and place them where necessary, like under the shelves or cabinets, where you dice and mix ingredients.

Buying new tools and utensils can be both practical and decorative at the same time. You can out the ones you often use on display and place them on a decorative container. Stick aesthetic hooks on the wall where you can hang your other cooking and baking tools.

Once you’re done, you will thank yourself for how much work you’ve done. It’s going to be refreshing and more comfortable for you and your family. If you lack the motivation, you can always start small, and you’ll more likely feel the need to continue from there.

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