Make Your Small Living Space Look Huge With These Ideas

Apartment building

You have started your first job, and you are looking forward to moving out of home. You are quite realistic about what you can afford with your beginner salary. You have identified a cute studio apartment that will work fine. Now you need to get your creative juices flowing to see how to transform it into a livable space. Do not let the size of the apartment scare you. Read on for tips on how to transform that small space into a cozy, stylish apartment.

Shop with Functionality in Mind

The main challenge with small spaces is that you could end up buying too much. The result is absolute clutter within the small space. You are better off buying functional pieces. The more usage you can get out of an item, the better. Your coffee table can, for example, double up as storage space. A bed with drawers will give you a place to keep items of clothing like underwear or t-shirts. With a small cushion, you can transform your side stool into a seat for your occasional visitors. A sofa bed is also a great idea for visitors, as you can store it away during the day.

Lighting and Color Is Key

Incorporate the use of lighting to make your room look larger. Think about layering your lighting with the use of overheads and wall lighting. You will also find unique lamps that will add Elegance to your interior decor. Forgo heavy dark curtains; light colors, and light material work best. They will let in natural light, making your apartment feel airy and comfortable. Place a few mirrors strategically within the room NC how much larger it looks. If you have the option of painting the space, go for neutral or light colors. Dark hues will make the space feel smaller. Colorful throw pillows will allow you to incorporate different colors within the apartment

Use What Is Within the Apartment

Some apartments have nooks and crannies that can add to your interior decor ideas. You will find some with interesting staircase ideas that you can transform into bookshelves. If you have green fingers, get indoor plants and place the pots in some empty, unusable spaces. Plants will brighten the space and add to the overall ambiance. Mounting a desk to the wall will save on space while giving you a place you can work.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Have space in mind when shopping for furniture. Buying tables with slim legs look better than those with sturdy construction. Consider buying large cushions instead of many seats. When they are not in use, you can pile them on top of each other and store them in one corner. If the space is too small, forget about buying a dining table and chairs. The side stools and coffee table can serve as the eating area. Mounting your television also eliminates the need for a TV stand.

Think Of Vertical Spaces

Dorm type room

It is easy to fill up the horizontal spaces while ignoring the vertical spaces.  Use hangings from the walls, or get a bookcase or a cabinet that goes all the way up to the ceiling. The advantage is that you use less space while making the room feel higher.

Your home is that cozy space you go to at the end of the day. We have shared tips on how to maximize the available space you have. It is all about using the right colors, lighting, textures, and furniture.

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