How to Pick a Wedding Planner

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In this day and age, planning a wedding is too important to leave in amateur hands. With all of the details that need to be handled, it can be aggravating to work on it. This is why it would be better to find a wedding planner to do all the heavy lifting for you. With their help, you can make your dreams become a reality. However, you will need to be selective. Here’s how to pick the right planner for your wedding:

Ask for References

The trouble with picking a wedding planner is that wedding-planning services in London and other cities are a dime a dozen. You will need to narrow down the candidates. This is where referrals come in. Ask around for couples who recently got married and inquire about who their wedding planner was. You probably have family or friends who have tied the knot and can point you in the right direction. It would be even better if you attended their wedding and were impressed.

Don’t limit yourself, though. You can also check out online for positive reviews and referrals. Online review sites allow you to find wedding planners you would not usually know about.

Have a Productive Consultation

The next step after finding out some prospective planners is to go in for some free consultations. Good wedding planners often offer these since they can meet their prospective clients face-to-face. It also allows them to present their vision for the potential wedding. This is important since you’ll want to meet your candidates for a wedding planner in action. Seeing the final results in videos is not good enough.

Plus, this allows you to see their personality. A wedding is supposed to be an emotional event, and you want it to show something of your personality. If you and your wedding planner have the same wavelength when it comes to some things, then you’ve got a winner.

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Bang for Your Buck

Don’t be swayed by just emotion, though. You are spending good money on your wedding, and you need to see your money’s worth. This is where you need to ask for what exactly you get from the wedding planner. This can include everything, from catering to your entertainment. You need to know what you need for your wedding and see whether your potential planner will be able to meet all of your needs.

Someone Communicative

Wedding planning takes months. This is why you need someone willing to give you updates on what is happening. Weekly updates are not unreasonable and can give you a good idea of whether everything is okay and on schedule.

A wedding is stressful enough on its own. Planning for it will add more problems to your plate. With the tips above, you can pick a wedding planner that will handle all the minute details that make planning a wedding a pain. All you need to do is make the decisions, and you can have a great wedding on the date that you want.

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