Men and Cars: Which Models Are the Best for Men?

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Most men love adventure. They also love to meet new people, gain new friends, experience new culture, test their independence, and see the world. That is why they travel. Among their goals is to be able to drive around with eye-catching cars. Cars often attract men not just because they look good driving one of these things but also because they feel more masculine when they are driving. Cars boost men’s self-esteem and make them feel in control.

Most men feel that they are more attractive to women when they drive cars. This is backed by scientific studies, which state that 58% of women want to date men who have nice-looking cars. Statistics have also shown that 91% of women want men who drive well.

But does it matter what type of cars men drive for them to feel more attractive to women? Perhaps, yes. But most of the time, men choose cars based on their looks and performance. They love automobiles that have massive engines, run faster, and prove powerful when on the road.

Below are the top cars that men want.


A sought-after luxury vehicle, a Porsche is one gorgeous beauty that any man would fall for any time. Its stunning, unique appearance coupled with its internal mechanisms make it a car worthy of any man’s hard-earned money. For many automobile lovers, the Porsche is the perfect sports car unrivaled by any other brand. Many novice drivers dream of being able to drive this car, while professional racers revel in its hardcore performance. Even car collectors would love to have this car in their collection.

Like many other models, the Porsche needs constant upkeep to maintain its beauty and performance. Fortunately, collectors and owners of cars from this wonderful maker can always go to a dedicated Porsche service center to maintain the splendor of this automobile.


Known as one of the best performers among luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz defines driving comfort and ultimate performance. A Mercedes-Benz is all about speed, excellence in ride, safety, comfort, fuel economy, and excellence in handling. Any man who has driven this car can attest to its beauty and performance. A Mercedes-Benz is also a woman magnet, making it more appealing for men to purchase and drive this type of car.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Priced at 18 million dollars, this car is probably the most expensive new car ever sold in 2019. The Bugatti line of cars was founded more than 110 years ago, but they continue to amaze men of any financial status. Like its predecessors, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire is one gorgeous beauty that shows not only elegance but also an iconic splendor. It boasts an excellent design, superb speed, and a luxurious appearance that can make any person gush with envy.


Who would not love to have a Ferrari? This amazing car has been a popular choice among elite car lovers since the 1950s, and all for a good reason. Even when it appears as the most expensive car ever sold, a Ferrari always has the ability to capture the hearts of men and car lovers alike. The Ferrari is all about speed, sophistication, and safety, which are evident in its traction control systems and its V12 engines. Known mostly as racing cars, these automobiles attract men as flowers attract bees. Of course, what woman would not be attracted to a man driving this luxury car?



One of the most popular cars among the rich and famous, the Lamborghini is one of the most expensive cars out in the market these days. It rivals the Ferrari and the Bugatti in so many ways. Speed, power, elegance, and beauty — all these are characteristics of a Lamborghini, which is why the elite love to own and drive them.

Men have always had a special relationship with their cars. Regardless of whether they own the most expensive in the market or have something that fits their budget, cars always have a soft spot in the hearts of men. Automobiles take away their loneliness, keep them feeling like a man, help them relax, and make them look and feel powerful. Cars boost their egos in many ways, and it makes them feel needed in some way.

With all the positive feelings that cars lend to men, it is no wonder why men would sometimes baby their automobiles and give them every attention they deserve. It also explains why men would choose a car’s design and engine over its price when deciding which car to buy.

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