Men Organization Ideas: From the Closet, Documents, to the Kitchen

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The stories are sometimes more accurate than we want to admit: men are disheveled and disorganized. We have dirty socks under the bed and dirty laundry where we can leave it. Sometimes, we can still find some popcorn kernels in our shoes. How that got there will always be a mystery, but that’s just being a man in a nutshell. We’re a bit disorganized and our things are all over the place. At times, we manage to clean up a bit until a day or two pass by, and we’re off to hoarding unnecessary clutter once more.

Men are notoriously not multitaskers. When they are busy at work, they forget to take care of that single-room apartment they recently turned into a mancave. They’ll only remember to clean it up a bit when their friends are going to arrive for poker night. For the most part, they leave dirty dishes in the sink, take the laundry to the laundromat when the basket is already full, and fill the trash can with Chinese takeout boxes.

However, disorganization diminishes your capacity and makes you less productive. It affects your work and personal life. And on more than one occasion, disorganization and dishevelment will make you physically sick.

Create a Routine

The reason you’re disorganized is that you don’t follow a routine. Having a schedule will keep you on your toes. It will tell you that you’ve been slouching and not doing your part to keep your life more organized. Follow a schedule; not a strict one per se, although it should be strict enough that it will oblige you to follow.

Keep Your Important Documents Safe and Secure

Have you ever tried to renew your insurance policy but can’t seem to find a copy of your old one? How many times have you rummaged in your closet looking for a document you know you have but can’t find? The reason for this waste of time is that you don’t keep your personal files in a safe and secure place. First, make physical copies of these documents and put them in poly bubble mailers. Keep them in a safe drawer specifically designated for important documents and files.

Then, scan these and make sure to have digital copies of these important papers. This way, you have a copy always available on the cloud. You can just pull it out of nowhere thanks to your cloud access.

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Get a Closet Organizer

It is one thing to be late for work because you spent the last night working until midnight. It’s another thing to be late at work because you couldn’t find the one clean shirt that you have. Get a closet organizer that will divide your large closet into segments. One area should be for your shoes. Another for your clothes. Then, there should also be an area for your accessories: belts, watches, cuff links, etc.

You may also want to get a hamper and place it near your closet. This way, all you need to do is throw your dirty clothes into the hamper when you’re about to take a shower or change. You won’t have to leave your dirty clothes wherever you see fit.

Hang a Key Hook

It might seem so simple, but a key hook is an important part of your home. Install one on the wall beside your door. The first thing you have to do is hang your car and house keys there once you enter the door. You will save a lot of time looking for your car keys when you’re already running late for work. And you know, of course, that you can’t leave the house without your keys.

Make It a Habit to Throw Receipts

Why is the center console of your car filled with receipts? If you don’t need the receipts for tax deductions or what-not, you better make it a point to throw them as soon as you can. Before getting out of the car, collect all the receipts you got for the day and throw them in the trash. It will be nice if you have a garbage can in your garage so that you won’t miss doing this tiny detail.

Use Your Garage

So you’re not big on your garage. Why not? The room has a lot of potentials. You can use it to keep old junk items. You can use it as a home office or home gym. Maximize the benefits of having extra space. Not many homeowners or apartment dwellers have that much space for themselves. You can even turn the garage into your laundry area. Imagine how much spacious that would be.

People don’t expect men to be organized, though it is shocking when you meet a man who has a clean and well-organized space. Organizing takes time. It demands commitment, too. But when you give it time and commitment, you’ll be surprised how beneficial it is to have a truly organized home.

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