What is Inside a Modern-day Bachelor’s Pad?

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In the past, people could not help but cringe when they hear the phrase “bachelor’s pad.” Images of a sole and beaten leather couch and clutter come to mind. You cannot blame people for having such a stereotype. For the longest time, a bachelor is content with such a lifestyle. They only need a spot to sit on. They do not mind eating while standing up on their kitchen counter. The past image of a bachelor is also depicted as comfortable while seated on a crumb-filled couch.

But, this primitive image of a bachelor is now gone. The modern single man is a self-sufficient person. He is also armed with a sense of style and practicality. This shift of image is also evident in his living space. Rustic furniture stores are a modern bachelor’s go-to places to help him design his place. A rustic appeal brings out the manliness of the home yet makes it very comfortable. Here are some essentials of a modern-day bachelor’s pad.

Wall Art

A bare wall is dismal to look at. This is why investing in wall art is important. Men have a distinct taste in arts. It is not as elaborate or as colorful as that of a woman’s taste. But, their preferences are not inferior to that of the opposite gender.

Some types of wall art that men like are architecture, geography, cars, or wildlife. Men can even choose real-life objects to serve as their wall art. Examples of these are an old bicycle or a framed collection of plate numbers. Their interesting take on wall arts serves as good conversation starters.


The intimate relationship of a bachelor and his sofa is timeless. But, the modern bachelor’s pad holds a more comfortable couch. A modern bachelor also knows how to add some vintage throw pillows to create a warmer look.

One can add a coffee table to hold some items. This way, the couch would remain as uncluttered as possible. A bachelor should also think of seating options for planned or unplanned visitors. This would come in handy for instances when family, friends, or a date decide to visit. It is not enough anymore to have a worn-out couch that is only good for one.


A good night’s sleep would help anyone function better for the next day. To achieve this, a homeowner must pay some special attention to their bedroom. A wooden pallet as a bed frame adds a sense of masculinity to this room. Neutral colors work best for a man to feel relaxed. Thus, expect to see a lot of gray, white, and beige in this personal sanctuary.

It is a different thing, though, when it comes to bedding and the mattress. A man can shed his rough and hard exterior on this part. No one will hold him against him if he enjoys soft blankets and covers. A firm mattress also translates to a better quality of sleep.

Bar/ Bar Cart

One way that a bachelor entertains his guests is to offer some cold liquor or cocktail drinks. If the owner of the pad likes to host small gatherings, adding a bar to his living space could be a great idea. It does not have to be very fancy. The important thing is all the essentials of a good drink are there. A bar could also be a place of retreat after a long day at work. Drinking a glass of wine could help a bachelor as he thinks through his day.

If space is an issue, a bar cart is an excellent alternative. After all, a bachelor’s pad thrives in minimalism. As opposed to their female counterpart, single men favor function than form. They do not have much interest in elaborate designs.

Entertainment Nook/ Man Cave

Man caves are very popular because there is a part of a man that will always be a boy. He would want a time for himself where he could leave all adult stuff behind. This space is also a great venue for small gatherings with friends.

Man caves are possible in a bachelor’s pad if there is an extra space for this purpose. An extra room would be perfect for this. The content of the man cave would depend on the personality of the male living on the pad. It could be a home theater, a game room, or a place to make music and jam with others.


The modern bachelor does not live on take-outs and pizza deliveries anymore. They have the skill to provide themselves with good food. Some even swear that men are better cooks than women.

But, for the modern-day bachelor, simplicity is still the key. His kitchen holds multi-purpose cooking appliances. For him, a recipe does not need to be complex to be delicious. The need for a refrigerator does not end with the storage of food. A single man would even go to having a smaller personal fridge to make sure that he has a cold beer or cold drinks at hand.

A modern bachelor’s pad has come a long way from its primitive counterpart. This type of home speaks of how single men had evolved in skills and preferences.

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