Modern Engagement Ring Styles for the Unconventional Bride-to-Be

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Since the coronavirus pandemic started, bridal and jewelry trends have changed slightly as many couples altered their proposal and wedding plans. For example, couples are now looking for ways to save more money by making online purchases and buying affordable rings. According to the 2020 Jewelry & Engagement Study by The Knot, the average budget for engagement rings went down slightly from $5,900 to $5,500. This also applies to carats, which shifted from 1.5 to 1.3 carats.

But despite the current threats of COVID-19, couples are not letting the pandemic get in the way of their marriage plans. While there is no clear end to the pandemic, couples are getting more creative and budget-conscious with the rings they’ll be wearing. For instance, couples are opting for halo rings than bigger stones since they’re more affordable yet more visible than single-stone rings. A great example is a glamorous micro pave engagement ring with a halo of diamonds that looks more brilliant than the average diamond solitaires.

While everyone is looking for ways not to break the bank, this shouldn’t stop you from getting that one ring to seal the deal. In this article, we’re going to show you the latest engagement ring styles for those planning to pop the question in 2021. Check out these nontraditional styles that will sweep your partner off their feet.

Yellow gold

Although white gold has been a classic mainstay in bridal jewelry, yellow gold is making a big comeback in the bridal sector. Couples are choosing to adorn their rings in yellow gold over classic and popular metals, such as white gold and platinum, to complement their personal collections and everyday jewelry. In reality, yellow gold has always been a sought-after metal in fashion jewelry for those who prefer a warm-toned and lustrous precious metal for their bling.

Modern couples are becoming more creative by adding their own unique twist to traditional rings. Some are choosing a yellow gold ring than the classic white gold or platinum with a small center stone surrounded with a halo of tiny diamonds for an added sparkle. Yellow gold also looks great both on vintage styles and classic designs without looking too over the top.

Jewelers attribute yellow gold’s sudden increase in popularity to its timeless appeal and perceived value in recent months. This is perfect for couples who like a bit of nostalgia and embrace timeless styles that echo their grandparents’ wedding bands.

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In the past years, the jewelry industry is seeing a steady rise in popularity among alternative engagement rings, a stray from the conventional diamond ring norm. Alternative rings consist of an array of colorful gemstones and unexpected metals, perfect for couples who want to make their jewelry something unique and special.

Colorful gemstones in round, oval, and geometric shapes have become an alternative aesthetic that’s been creating a huge trend for many jewelry fans out there. Instead of going for the classic and round diamond rings, they prefer the edgy, modern, and artful jewelry that looks one-of-a-kind.

As couples opt for unique and colorful bling, gemstones are now rising in popularity, especially sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. This also applies to men’s gemstone rings, such as black onyx, moonstone, sapphire, and amethysts.

Pop culture is likely one of the biggest inspirations for the sudden rise of alternative engagement rings. From celebrity engagements (e.g., Ariana Grande’s pearl and diamond ring), royal-inspired shows, and colorful gems, jewelry buyers are now going for stunning vintage styles that were popular in the old days.

Unique cuts

In these uncertain times, couples are now taking control of the number of details they include in their marriage. One of them is adding personal touches when buying engagement rings. People are searching for ways to make things different and put more space and time to think of thoughtful, insightful, and personal styles that align with their personalities.

These days, jewelers are seeing a huge surge in buyers purchasing alternative engagement rings in unusual cuts and customized settings. Some examples are fancy-shaped center stones, diamond accents, three-stone settings, and rings with hidden messages. While the round brilliant remains popular, other cuts are slowly emerging as the new favorites for those who prefer nontraditional rings.

In these trying times, it’s alright to be more practical. If you’re planning to propose soon, you better start saving now because it’s better to be self-sufficient when buying an engagement ring than falling into a huge debt. Be creative and experiment with the styles we listed above, and you might find the best spending option for your much-awaited wedding proposal.

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