New Habits To Pick Up For The New Year

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New Year’s resolutions are great and all, but when you try to dump so many expectations onto yourself right at the start of the year, it can be very overbearing and hard to commit. Most of the time, people expect too much from themselves and overestimate how much they can actually achieve, burning out very early in the process and stopping before they even reach the mid-way point.

However, with the consensus being “stay at home” and getting all our work done from the comfort of our living rooms, now’s the perfect chance to dedicate 2021 as your year of self-improvement and to get past all the doomscrolling! So, instead of taking a back seat, we strongly recommend all the dudes reading to strap on their thinking helmets because it’s time to pick up new hobbies.

#1 Get Back To Running!

Number one on our list goes to running, and if you haven’t made the switch to get in your daily road work, put on your running shoes and squeeze in at least 2 miles every morning. Apart from the usual benefits like burning off unwanted fat and working your cardio, it’s an easy way to get that much-needed sunlight before you hunker down back at home. It also gets the blood pumping and can work just as well as coffee.

  • Keep The Phone at Bay: Let’s face it, even before the pandemic, we’re all guilty of growing dependent on our phones, checking every minute to see if we’ve gotten a brand new notification on Instagram or mention on Twitter. And since going out is not much of a leisure option now, it’s only worsened our phone addiction. However, running every morning is a great way to combat the urge to check your phone just as you wake up.
  • Fighting Off Lazy Episodes: Whether we like it or not, there will be days when you feel groggy and unmotivated, as if someone cast a lazy spell on your body. But, with a simple morning run, the quick jolt of energy and adrenaline can quickly do away with lazy episodes and keep you functioning at optimal conditions!

#2 Reinvent Your Meals

While ordering pizza, treating your sweet tooth, and even satisfying your alcohol cravings are commonplace when you’re stuck at home, they aren’t healthy, and neither are they a good way to start 2021. So, instead of succumbing to the same-old cravings and junk-type snacking, we strongly recommend introducing new ingredients into your food and reinventing your entire meal plans.

  • Try Something New: Cooking has always been a great skill to pick up, and apart from being a generally good life-skill to have, it’s also one of the best ways to become a lady killer and win over all your romantic interests. From trying out Greek cuisine to tasting the Japanese specialties, there are plenty of new dishes for you to try and master.

#3 Work On Your Hustle

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Most of us have spent our 2020 securing our financial stability, keeping our health in check, and ensuring that this pandemic does not weigh us down so much beyond repair. However, now that we’ve gotten through the worse part and with a stimulus check waiting to come, we strongly recommend everyone to inject that money right into your side hustle. There’s no better time than now to capitalize on economic opportunities and realize success, so do your part in stimulating back that money into the economy!

  • Invest in Your Skills: From improving your video-editing skills to getting yourself a masterclass in stock & options trading, now’s the perfect chance to invest in your skills. We suggest focusing on skillsets that directly impact your side-hustle, a general application like business communication, or high in-demand like coding.
  • Reach Out to Experts: When it comes to working on your side hustle, learning from mistakes isn’t the only way to gain experience, and in this case, you should take the opportunity to reach out to experts in the same field. So, don’t pass up the chance of learning from others’ wisdom, consult marketing professionals, and build connections with like-minded people that can help you succeed!

#4 Up Your Looks

Finally, if you haven’t taken the time to give yourself an outfit change and upgrade your looks, then 2021 should be the year the world sees the best you. Sure, staying in your pajamas and keeping it casual will do you just fine since you’re staying at home, but the pandemic should never be an excuse to slack off on style. So, don’t shy away from looking at the latest trends and seeing which outfits best suit your personality.

Get a Head Start

Overall, we want to stay at the top of our game and make 2021 the year we change everything for the better. So, pick and choose which of these new habits suit you best and get to work! Just remember that there’s no harm in taking a nap and giving yourself a break every so often.

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