Modern Design Options to Boost the Look of Your Home Exterior

balcony of a modern house

You will undoubtedly invest in several things over your lifetime. Your home will nonetheless generally remain the highest costing investment. Moreover, it appreciates over time, and it is thus essential to ensure it is protected. One of the critical elements that can destroy a dream you have labored so hard to attain is water damage. Water damage to your foundation and building’s sides is the primary aspect that will cause the collapse of your home.

Seamless rain gutters, window caulking and sealing, and downspouts are essential in homes aiming for water damage protection for their foundations. In the past, rain gutters have been functional elements. Nowadays, there are several design alternatives for gutters that ensure they will not affect your curb appeal. In conjunction with these stylish gutters, you need the right front door design to maximize your curb appeal. Here are the modern alternatives for boosting your front door’s look.


One of the simplest upgrades for your front door is painting it. Exterior paints are meant for use on almost all door materials, including fiberglass, steel, and wood. The semi-gloss and gloss paint varieties are the most durable. Painting your door is nonetheless not easy. It will need sanding and an application of a primer and protection while the paint dries. Painting your front door is thus best handled by an expert. Any paint color will suffice for your front door, but the best one is a bold color that will contrast the rest of your exterior look.

Glass Side Panels

With most homeowners aiming for the highest level of security, few would opt for glass as their front door’s material. Glass, however, remains one of the best ways of uplifting your home’s curb appeal. If you are not so intent on glass for your entire door, include it as glass panels with another front door material. This allows you to have a double or larger front door and maximize the natural light streaming through the doors. There are now different options for enhancing the privacy and security of the glass side panels.

side profile of a modern house

Pivot Doors

This modern trend features a large front door that runs from the ceiling to the floor and opens and closes on an axis rather than the conventional wall-mounted hinges. The pivot door is used in instances where you do not need a door jamb or when you want to install a door that is too heavy for conventional hinges. Other than the exceptional style a pivot door will lend to your home, it will expand the space for your front door.

Glass and Wood Doors

Combining glass and wood is ideal for those who want a contemporary look and maximum natural lighting. There are various alternatives for boosting the privacy of the glass installed between your wooden frames. Etching, frosting, and staining are some techniques used to generate designs that obscure your interiors.

People are on a cost-cutting mission. Thus, they would rather keep the same old door they have had since buying or building their house, believing it is expensive to change. With these alternatives, however, you will boost your door’s look and consequently curb appeal inexpensively.

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