Packing Right: Top Ways to Ensure the Safety of Your Belongings


Moving to a new home requires you to start packing all your things in transportable packages. It can range in complexity from moving out of your parents’ house to moving out of a home you’ve had for years.

However, this does not change the fact that your belongings need to be packed properly if you want them to stay safe. Even a professional van lines moving company and careful drivers still can’t deny the possibility that your belongings may get damaged during transit.

If you’re on the verge of a move, then you need to learn how to pack properly. The following tips might help you:

Start Early

As the old saying goes, haste makes waste. If you start packing your things only a day before your scheduled move, then you will end up jamming things into boxes and just running around as you try to meet the deadline. Packing itself is going to take a lot of time. Schedule at least half an hour to pack a box. That means that if you have plenty of boxes to fill, then it is going to take more than a day.

Of course, you can get some help when it comes to packing. Professional packers can help out, but doing the packing yourself can help you save money.

Find the Right Boxes


You need to get the right boxes for your move. Depending on what you are packing and how many items you plan to pack, you should get the right number of boxes. You should also organize which things will go into boxes and which will not. For example, furniture and large items won’t be boxed. They are generally covered with padding and professional packers often have a specific van or truck for such items.

Use Packing Fillers

When you’re packing, it helps a lot to have packing fillers. This can range from simple newspapers to bubble wraps. The best way to pack your things is to start with the bottom of the box and line it with the proper filler. The next step is to have the heaviest item at the bottom of the box and then moving on the lighter items. The most fragile items should be on top. Additionally, you should pack items of similar shape together to maximize structural strength.

Furthermore, each box should have a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It could be lighter, especially if the items are fragile. Finally, fill up the void on top of the boxes with packing fillers and wrap the box up properly with secure and tight tape.

Label the Boxes

Remember what exactly are you packing in the boxes. Listing them down is a better idea. Once done, you should start labeling the boxes. This allows you to unpack the box later in the right order. In addition, your name and new address should be clearly visible on the box so that if it gets lost on the way, it can still be returned to you.

Packing your belongings properly ensures that they will survive the trip to your new home. Remember all these tips so that when you open your boxes, your personal items will still be in one piece.

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