Practical Non-Violent Pointers for Survival in a Street Fight

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Even the simplest of quarrels can lead to the fiercest and worst of fights. And these scuffles can happen anywhere and anytime you go. Keep yourself safe before you try helping someone else, even if you can hold your own. You can do so by remembering these pointers as you go through a fight on the streets.

1. Check for injuries after.

If you do get pulled into the fight and you get yourself injured, get immediate medical assistance as soon as it’s over. Don’t ignore any pain that you feel and get it checked.

Depending on how life-threatening it is, you have a choice of going to an urgent care clinic or an emergency facility in Lehi. Follow what the doctor tells you and take any treatments or medicines that you may need.

2. Never provoke in the first place.

Watching TV shows or movies might teach you that taunting can make the other person angry enough to make mistakes in a fight. However, doing it is more likely to get you in more trouble rather than the other way around.

You could also fall into the trap of aggravating your own anger and losing it. Also, try not to be the one to start the fight in the first place.

2. Defuse when you can.

Sometimes, you don’t need to show aggression in fights to win them. You can face an angry person with a calm, firm, and fearless voice, showing no intimidation on your end.

That person would want people to react with fear, so if you don’t show it to them, they’ll think twice about attacking you. If you can prevent the tense situation from turning into a fight, then it’s all the better for everyone.

3. Avoid getting trapped.

When you’re already in a fight, being surrounded by people or trapped in a corner can become dangerous for you. Stay on open ground and look for ways to escape your aggressors. Give yourself a good distance between yourself and the attackers.

Remember that running away doesn’t mean that you’re a coward. In this kind of situation, it means that you know better than to risk getting someone hurt over a small matter.

4. Get help.

police arrest a man

Of course, you can’t win all the fights that you’ll ever get into by yourself. If you see another person, shout for help and run toward them. Even the sight of other people around can stop some attackers, especially if they’ve been chasing you on the premise that you’re alone and no one will assist you.

If you’re near a police station, go there and report the incident as soon as you can. If not, but you still have time to do so, then you can contact emergency services.

Getting through the fight alive is the most important when you get involved in any way. Avoid jumping in to participate when you aren’t sure you’ll come out unhurt.

Always save yourself so you can live and fight another day, or at least help others who have gotten themselves caught up in the situation as well. You can then call the authorities to help stop it.

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