Spring Checklist: Exterior Repairs to Prioritize for Enhanced Home Appeal and Durability


There is no better time to improve your home than spring. The season provides a mild temperature that makes performing home improvements optimal, preventing you from suffering under the scorching sun during summer and the freezing cold winter snow. This is one of many reasons homeowners dedicate cleaning and renovating their homes during spring. Less expected guests and professional contractor availability are also why the season is a popular time for people to turn their attention to their properties.

When spring break arrives, you might want to get started with home improvements. However, you might not know where to begin. While spring cleaning and redecorating might be ideal, there is a case for starting with exterior repairs. If you need help creating a spring checklist, here are a few features to prioritize for your improvement efforts.


Your spring checklist for exterior repairs will start with carefully evaluating your outdoor area. Plenty of amenities will stand out that might warrant your attention. However, perhaps the most important feature you might overlook is the roof. Because it might not be as visible as those within your eye level, it could be years before you start noticing the roof’s issues and flaws. Most homeowners might not even realize the problem until they are bad enough to endanger the structure and their family’s lives. By then, the roofing repairs might no longer be possible to fix within a day or two.

Your roof should be priority number one for your spring checklist. However, performing the exterior repairs in that area can put you in danger. Going up to the roof yourself can be hazardous, putting you at a great height. Without the proper safety equipment and training, you might end up falling. As a result, hiring roofers might be essential. They have the expertise and tools to safely assess and perform roofing maintenance needs. They are also efficient enough to ensure materials do not end up going to waste, saving enough money for your other exterior repairs. Getting the roof assessed yearly will be vital, but it can be a durable feature. As long as you are constantly aware of its condition, you might not have a problem with the roof.


The roof is durable and well-structured enough to prevent cave-ins when harsh weather elements or branches fall. However, you cannot say the same for its gutters. The roofing gutters are attached to the lower ends of the feature, redirecting rainwater and debris to drainage systems that prevent flooding within your property. Unfortunately, gutters are prone to rust, cracks, leaks, and clogs, so having them checked for your spring checklist for exterior repairs is necessary. You can perform DIY cleaning by removing debris to unclog essential points that keep the gutter functional.

However, addressing cracks, leaks, and rust will require you to seek professional services. Since they are part of the roof, getting to them will still require you to use a high ladder and make you prone to falling from a high place. Moreover, gutter repair for those complicated issues might require removals, replacements, and installations. Professional gutter repair services can perform those tasks safely and efficiently, ensuring your home will remain protected from flooding. Gutter repair does not take up much time, so dealing with them immediately can ensure you do not have to worry about any more high-placed exterior features.


Looking at your home outside, you will find that the siding is the most visible feature. It takes up about 95% of your home facade, making it impossible not to include it in your spring checklist for exterior repairs. Fading colors and patterns, cracks, and mold might be visible in those areas, reducing the siding’s contribution to your home’s curb appeal. However, those issues can also lead to damages that compromise your home’s structural integrity. DIY maintenance will be necessary, starting with cleaning through water pressure hosing and sealing leaks on entry points.

However, hiring a siding contractor might be necessary to perform other essential exterior repairs for your siding. Removing mold, mildew, and rot will require professional help since they might require hazardous substances like bleach. Mishandling harsh chemicals can lead to health issues, so staying away from those items is vital. Weatherstripping and pest removal will also be part of their services. They have the tools and knowledge to effectively perform them, ensuring clean and proper siding all around your home.

Exterior Painting

Fading colors and patterns might not be as problematic as other siding problems, but they can hurt the property’s curb appeal. The aesthetics of your outdoor area determines your home’s value and how well-maintained the exterior paint will contribute to it. Moreover, exterior paint is not just on the siding. Your entry point’s colors and patterns must also be harmonious and complementary, ensuring your home remains up-to-date in home design.

Spring offers the best time for homeowners to assess the home’s exterior paint and make the necessary changes. Identifying fading or peeling paint can allow you to perform patchwork yourself, giving your home an aesthetic refresh. However, you might notice that your home requires a repaint if the colors and patterns look outdated. If that is the case, hiring local painters might be necessary. Reaching the high spots when repainting might be challenging, and it might be even more difficult if you have multiple floors. Local painters can take it off your hands and quickly tick off the spring checklist item with their tools and knowledge of modern home design. It might take a day or two for the new layer of paint to dry, but the result will give you a refreshing scene every time you come home.

Deck and Patio

Spring is a fun time for hanging outside your home, so you might be using your outdoor amenities more during the season. As a result, your spring checklist might have to include maintenance on those features. The patio is the one homeowners use more often, providing a hangout space filled with comfortable furniture like chairs, tables, and lounges. Unfortunately, the patio might have worn-out spots from wear and tear or weather damage. As a result, patio repairs might be part of your spring checklist.

If worn-out furniture is all you can find during maintenance assessment, you can replace it with new pieces. However, getting a patio contractor might be necessary if the floor, pillars, or shading requires repairs. A patio contractor can expertly replace or repair parts without damaging the existing structure, making them a service worth paying for. They can replace the deck with new materials, ensuring the floor is durable and aesthetic. Once you have a well-maintained patio, you can enjoy your spring break comfortably at home.


While most homeowners want to focus on functional and aesthetic aspects for exterior repairs, the protective features should also be considered. It can be easy to focus on landscaping or gardening, but there is a case for the home’s fence to be appropriately addressed. Neglecting maintenance on the feature can lead to its deterioration, structural issues, and even home hazards. When thieves notice the fence is worn out, they might find it easier to break into the property and cause worse problems. By prioritizing repair, you lower the chances of trespassing within your home.

Homeowners must look out for loose boards, damaged panels, or rusted hinges when assessing their fence’s structure. Once you determine those problems, you can visit the nearest hardware store to purchase the essential materials and perform maintenance yourself. However, getting fence repair services might be the better option if you do not know how to use tools. They can even uncover other problems you might not find, such as unstable posts or water damage. Since the fence is a protective feature, it should be among the top priorities for spring maintenance, ensuring your home remains safe.

Driveway and Walkway

If there is a contest for the most damage sustained during winter and summer, it would be the driveway and walkways. Those home outdoor grounds will have to suffer from weather precipitation like rain, hail, and snow or receive intense heat from the sun. Dirt, dust, grime, and debris will also deteriorate their conditions. Because of those elements, moisture can find its way inside and cause cracks, leading to unsafe hazards for your vehicle or uneven levels for your family to walk on.

Cleaning will be necessary for the driveway and walkways, but you might require professional help for further exterior repairs on those features. Concrete driveway contractors can fill gaps and cracks or resurface areas to make them safer for the vehicle and the family. For walkways, you can apply the same method of repairs but also pursue aesthetic changes. Adding ground lighting or incorporating landscaping elements can make your walkways more durable and visually appealing, making your home feel more inviting.

Garage Exterior

Besides the main entrance, the garage door is the centerpiece of your property’s curb appeal. However, it might not garner the same attention as other exterior repairs in your spring maintenance checklist. Unfortunately, neglecting it could lead to issues like faulty mechanisms, making parking or using your garage difficult. You might also notice your energy bills going high because of poor insulation. Moreover, you might make your home security vulnerable because a poorly maintained garage door can attract thieves to your property.

Spring maintenance tasks such as lubricating moving parts and checking for loose features can ensure the garage door’s functionality, protecting your car and other household items. However, your inspection discoveries might also include issues like broken springs or damaged panels. As a result, getting garage door repair services will be necessary. They can perform maintenance and insulation on the garage, protecting the area from harsher weather after spring. They can also assess the door and inform you of necessary replacements or upgrades. You might not know it, but the garage door is essential to curb appeal, making it an ideal priority for your spring maintenance checklist.

Landscape Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor area, and starting with landscape maintenance is a great start. Your front lawn or backyard might contain garden sections that give life to plants and trees, creating a healthy home environment that makes the season more enjoyable. However, the green area will suffer from winter and summer, leading to issues you might only have the chance to fix during spring.

Performing basic gardening tasks is essential for homeowners who have one, so you must invest in learning them. Tools such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and pruners should be part of your inventory if you plan to perform gardening yourself.

While DIY gardening offers cost-efficiency benefits, you might want to invest in professional gardeners for some tasks. Cutting down dead or long branches from trees is essential to protect your home and the tree’s health. Tree trimming services can ensure those tasks are completed while preventing you from going up trees yourself to cut them. You can also benefit from their gardening knowledge, providing valuable tips on keeping your garden alive beyond spring.

Pest Control and Prevention

A well-maintained landscape is ideal for your home, providing a healthy environment your entire family can enjoy. However, it might also attract pests. The naturally rich landscape can be a good breeding ground for the following creatures:

  • Beetles and grasshoppers
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes and flies
  • Rats and mice
  • Slugs and snails
  • Mites and ants
  • Cockroaches

Preventing those pests from causing havoc will be essential to keep your home healthy, but it can be challenging to stop an infestation yourself. Fortunately, hiring a pest removal company can help you beat them. They can identify unwanted visitors and determine the best tools to eradicate them, providing you with a pest-free environment you can enjoy. Pest exterminators can also perform multiple visits depending on the severity of the problem, giving homeowners peace of mind when dealing with those creatures.

Exterior repairs should be prioritized during spring, ensuring you can enjoy the season in your home comfortably. If you have more outdoor features, you can add them to the maintenance checklist. However, focusing on these areas might be enough to ensure a well-maintained home for the lively and colorful season.

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