Staying Organized: Simple Ideas to Organize Yourself Today


Organizing is one of our greatest struggles as human beings of the modern age. There seem to be so much organizing to do when it comes to our office, home, and school. It can be a struggle to juggle all of these things while also keeping your home free of clutter. Additionally, sticky notes can only go so far when it comes to arranging your thoughts. If you don’t update these notes daily, you’ll be forgetting more things than you can remember.

Simplicity is the key to organization. The fewer things you think about, the more likely you remember the things you need to do. Furthermore, this is the same when it comes to arranging items in your home so that it’ll be free of clutter. Here are some simple ways you can organize your home and yourself daily.

Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics is a wonderful learning and memory tool, especially when you live a hectic lifestyle. Mnemonics aims to simplify various thoughts to make a mental note of something you want to do or something you have learned. It cannot be effortless at first, as many of us aren’t born with this inherent skill. However, the more you practice it, the more likely you can keep your thoughts organized.

Mnemonics work when you pay attention to something and create associations for it. For example, your boss has asked you to create a financial report for tomorrow. There are numbers in a financial report, hence numbers equal to a report.

But what do you have on your desk and at home that shows numbers? It’s the calendar! So once you’ve associated looking into the calendar and making a report, your mind can easily remember to report once you’ve checked your calendar. Mnemonics don’t work easily as this. Well, at least not during the first time. But with more practice, you can start associating daily things you see or encounter as your own private sticky note. Just don’t associate two ideas into one item. That’ll confuse you even more.

Reduce Distractions

using phone

One of the greatest reasons we tend to forget to do many things in our lives is that we do so many useless activities daily. We look at our phones every minute for a Facebook or Twitter notification when we inherently know that it won’t happen. This is known as nomophobia, a behavior that many of the younger generations is so acquainted with.

The best way to keep your concentration and organization skills high is to turn off all these distractions when you are at school or work. The more you reduce these distractions, the more likely you can remember things you need to do.

Give Your Things a Home

Organizing your items can be problematic, especially when you don’t know where to place them. The lack of storage can be one reason why we are so lazy to arrange various things in our lives. However, once you give items a category and a place to put them, you’re most likely to place and keep them there. This has shown some success with kids and their toys. Once they have a toy box, they are more likely to return their toys in the box than leave them anywhere. So give your things home. It’ll help you reduce clutter in your life.

Arrange Your Bookshelf

Having a bookshelf shows great intellect from your side. However, having a messy one tells a negative story. It’s easy to arrange and clean your bookshelf, and yet this particular activity is often ignored. An organized bookshelf can help you with your studies and reduce the time you need to look for a particular book.

Another reason you want to keep your bookshelves organized is to be home to various pests. Make sure you avail of control services for mosquitos, ticks, and other insects present among those books. These pests can be detrimental to your overall health. They can carry various diseases and can even trigger allergies you or other household members might have. You wouldn’t want them to roam the pages of your book either, because that’s how you can get a nasty bite from these insects. Keep your bookshelf organized to avoid any of these things happening.

Here are simple ways you can keep yourself organized daily. Some of these things require practice, so important to start today. Once you get used to it, getting organized becomes automatic. You’ll start to notice that your life has so much more clarity once you’ve gotten to this point, and you become more productive than ever.

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