Stuck With a Wedding Decision Dilemma? Here’s How to Solve It

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If you’ve been cruising through the wedding planning in a breeze, watch out. Sooner or later, you’d find yourself stuck in a decision dilemma.

But it’s the good type of problem actually, say, when you have two very good venue options or lots of Pinterest-worthy wedding dresses that vie for your attention. You can’t afford to be indecisive in these situations. So, don’t get stuck and instead do these things to get out of a decision dilemma.

Go back to your budget

Your wedding fund is the number one predictor of your options, narrowing down choices. It will force you to determine your priorities and stick to them through and through.

So if you don’t have a budget yet, then do the dirty work of talking about money. It’s not the most romantic thing to do, yes—in fact, it can even be awkward—but at this point in your relationship, you should already be comfortable getting into money talks.

Talk to your families individually and ask your parents if they’re willing to contribute to the costs. It’s important that they be clear on the amount they’re committing to. Or, if they could ‘sponsor’ a certain aspect of the wedding, that’s good, too.

Just make sure that you’re on the same page. From here, add up all the contributions and decide how much you yourselves are willing to bring to the table. Then, allocate funds for each part of the wedding. Basically, you must financially prepare for the ceremony, reception, flowers, attire, entertainment, photography, wedding rings and gifts.

Keep in mind your couple personality

If you have vendors who both suit your budget, then you’d want to go for someone who can reflect best your couple personality. This is easy because you can always ask for the vendors’ porfolios and see if they can deliver your vision. What’s not easy is staying true to your couple personality.

Most couples tend to plan weddings that aren’t exactly “theirs.” You know, it’s a copy of a celebrity’s wedding or an exact cutout of an Instagram photo. It’s not wrong to get inspiration from magazines and the internet, but remember, this is your wedding. Don’t force your fiancé to have a beach wedding just because a lot of your friends and favorite celebrities had the same.

If both you and your partner want that classic, rustic feel, you can choose a barn wedding venue in Minnesota. It’s better to ask yourself if it best reflects your personality as a couple. Also, for your sanity and your boyfriend’s, know when to quit scrolling through social media networks.

Ask your wedding planner

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When in doubt, ask the expert. Have your wedding planner rank the options they gave you. Let them walk you through the pros and cons of each. This will help save time interviewing vendors and researching about them.

Now, if you don’t have a wedding planner yet, the one you should look for is someone who has extensive knowledge and experience on the vision you have for your wedding. For instance, if you’re imagining a celebration that’s bursting with colors, flowers and design, then you want to have a planner who has a very strong visual talent.

Or if the food is your priority, then you want someone who knows a lot about in the catering business. Another thing you should look for in a wedding planner is their personality. As you know planning this big event is such a stressful task, so you need to hire someone who just gets you and clicks with you.

Wedding planning is tough, precisely because you have a lot of deciding to do. But don’t worry, if you follow these tips mentioned, you won’t have to get stuck in decision dilemmas.

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